Ya Gotta be Kidding Me, JP Morgan Chase Bank CANCELS Kayne West Bank Account

I just can’t believe the world today. It’s time Patriots banned together and start everything on their own, banks, food processing plants, buying property for farming, we gotta put an end to their power.

The only way is to start setting up our own banks, our own farmers and be an investor, because this is getting crazier and crazier, just like when banks cancelled Gun makers and sellers.

I’m going crazy with this, and I believe this is their plan. Should we start physically fighting the leftist, are they wanting a civil war? Will our own military defend or fight us? They need to keep the oath they took and defend the defenseless and compared to the government, we are defenseless.

I’m so sick of seeing this, and even if they decided to suspend a liberal for their views, I’d be pissed for that too, if there is no crime committed and there is no reason for this expression of their power, then it’s only because they disagree with their politics, this is dangerous. IT’S THE NWO is what it is.

Candice’s Tweets are embedded, please give it a minute to populate up it has the letter to Kayne within the tweet.

Addressed to Ye, a letter from JPMorgan Chase bank, “We are sending this letter to confirm our recent discussion with [redacted] that JPMorgan Chase Bank… has decided to end its banking relationship with Yeezy, LLC and its affiliated entities.”

The bank gave West until November 21 to move his accounts to another financial institution.

No reason appears to have been given in the bank’s decision to stop servicing the accounts of the multi-millionaire entertainer and fashion designer. 

Posting this because she looks so beautiful.