Why did PUTIN ARREST his own FSB Intelligence Branch

Why did PUTIN ARREST his own FSB intelligence branch (MSM is not telling the TRUTH/nor Alex Jones who have millions invested in Russia)….

PUTIN not only arrested his own FSB INTELLIGENCE HEAD ..> but also several other GENERALS> Bankers> corporation executives and government officials in a large 2 week OPERATIONS< The ARRESTs and current SANCTIONS ON [ DS] ARE CONNECTED

THATS THE REASON RUSSIA HIT BIDEN. BLICKEN , Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic presidential nominee, as well as Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo and national security adviser Jake Sullivan ( these are they only names MSM shared…. The list longer with several U.S. corporations and industries CEOs )///…

*When PUTIN did mass Arrests in Russia (current) and Sanctioned top Deep State U.S. Officials… He closed OFF their bank accounts connected to subsidiary investors/ bankers/money laundering ops. The payments the FSB was taken from the U.S. world deep state.

Putin has taken full control of their Assets/Money in Russian markets connected to Ukraine and the Middle East.

The Sanctions Putin Imposed is Seizing all bank accounts connected to the Deep State Hunter and Joe Biden, Clintons, Obama and Soros , /subsidiary companies and ghost investment holdings through Russia. The FSB and many organization in Russia were still being payed by the Deep State. Attempted COUP FAILED!

Putin now holds Trillions of dollars/Euros connected to Europe. Alfa Billionairs Bank and Deutche Bank,connected to the Switzerland Banks, that were funneling money through Russian markets and companies for the Biden, HRC, Obama, UN Davos Group ect.

Assests Seized!
Now you should began to understand the PLAN

Saudi Arabia (Prince Bin Salman) is going to the Gold Standard, banking China (XI), Russia, (Putin), all who have broken off of the Central Banking System, and being backed by India (Modi).

White hats in China’s next move is also to put sanctions on U.S. officials. Corporations companies and ceo’s and seize their money and assets
This_event will come after the (Taiwan event)

Now do you understand why United States the UN and the EU is pushing so hard for funding for Ukraine? They are stealing money from their citizens and the money isn’t reaching Ukraine.

TRUMP is smiling….. Watching the PLAN of the ALLIANCE unfold.


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