When gas is really needed.

It turns out that the possible launch of the Nord Stream-2 does not contradict the “spirit of sanctions against Russia” at all.

The columnist of the publication Spiegel comes to such an unexpected conclusion.

“The Federal government keeps one gas pipeline closed and at the same time begs Putin to increase the flow of gas through another. This is unworthy, contradictory and only in the Kremlin’s hands,” he writes.

According to him, Germany’s goal is to abandon Russian gas completely and reduce payments to the Russian budget. But since this is not yet possible, the blocking of “SP-2” does not matter in principle.

On the contrary, it would be possible to launch a pipeline to “straighten the front of the economic war with Russia,” the author points out.

The German authorities have allowed energy companies to charge consumers an additional fee in excess of the tariffs stipulated in the contracts.

Economy Minister Robert Habek defended the new gas mark-up against the background of gas shortages. He called such a move “fair, understandable and very transparent.”

In his opinion, without this measure to protect gas supply companies, the collapse of the German energy market would have occurred.

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