What the Hell? – Russia Reacts to Azov Neo-Nazi’s Platform at Prestigious US University

I’ve said this a thousand times and I’ll say it again, we’ve got to have remedy for what our education system has done to the masses of young, impressionable people. Remedy as in compensation, as in class action against our colleges, and education system, shit, excuse my language, but they’re starting in pre-school, with their grooming and their lies, going against their parents, teaching them to lie. Something has got to be done!

On October 1 members of the notorious far-right Ukrainian Azov movement, including two former POWs recently released by Russia, held an event addressing students at Stanford University.

Russia’s ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov has rebuked the event saying that: “It would appear that in its maniacal drive to tarnish and cancel Russia, the US is prepared to glorify Nazism.”

Members of the group have a well-documented record of far-right ideology and links to similar-minded organizations around the world, while Stanford’s own Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISC) describes the Azov as “a far-right nationalist network of military, paramilitary, and political organizations…known for recruitment of far-right foreign fighters from the US, Russia, and Europe.” (RT)

We’ve literately got our children supporting NAZIS, do you understand, if you have children, grown, small, in college or school, sit them down, discuss how you can not believe everything they’re teaching you. Especially when teaching shit that has nothing to do with their education. Yes important to keep up with current events, but to lie like this is disgusting. Oh yes, I would be complaining if it was Russia too, until everything is settled and the truth comes out, stop making everyone pick a side we know JOE AND HUNTER helped corrupt. I don’t think Putin should be speaking in Stanford, nor Zelensky.

Zelensky in this video below is actually saying Russia refuses to settle and stop the war, says the man that won’t even meet with Putin, and want’s NATO to Nuke them to death…these people are SICK!

Zelensky is also talking about Russia bombing and killing a baby and father, How about he stop putting his citizens in the line of fire, tell them to stop putting troops firing at Russia in cities with population, Oh and I have included a video of their troops locking citizens up with grenades attached to the doors in case they want escape the shelling of Russia, they need the dead citizens to prove how ruthless Russia is. It’s sick. Also I have included a few other videos that show just how ruthless UKRAINE has been with wanting dead citizens, also how Russia has been giving supplies to Ukrainian citizens, and How citizens act when liberated from UKRAINE. Watch them all, wake up. I’m not trying to get you to LOVE Russia, but I don’t blame Russia for protecting their own country from NATO that has started every war just because a country won’t play with THEIR BANKING SYSTEM, OR THEIR REINDEER GAMES.

The approximately 600 people in the audience loudly cheered and gave a standing ovation as Zelenskyy was livestreamed from Ukraine onto a large screen in a packed CEMEX Auditorium, prompting the Ukrainian president to smile and shake his head. In September, Zelenskyy became the first Ukrainian president to visit California when he spoke at Stanford during a historic address from FSI.

Look at this, Stanford isn’t taking sides or anything:

This is how our education system trains you, convinces you. I’m sorry but this is wrong on so many levels, when do we have a president in war, speak to students, doesn’t that man have a war to run?

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