What is Going on with Rumble? They’re Deleting Accounts!

I don’t know if others were removed and deleted, but so far I know of two of them. I will be putting their links to another platform called Odysee. I really liked Rumble, I still have my account, but I’m not taking any chances. I started an account on Odysee also, but I also really found the lost accounts informative and I visited them often, even embedding their content on my blog.

They have a Cute little logo

So far Telegram has been a God Send, and I hope they never change. I have found so much there, even content never allowed on other sites. Everyone should join, and join their channels, the two that lost their Rumble account is on Telegram, I always start my day there. I hope one day Telegram goes in our history books, by far they are a total freedom to post anything, I’m sure they have their limits, it’s not the deep dark web, but it is non censored from things that we all need to see, I can’t say enough about that platform, I don’t even have a channel I just use it to get informed.

I’m sitting here SMH as I write this. I’m just tired of the censorship. It’s wrong on so many levels, critical thinking is lost and I think maybe that is by design. They don’t want you checking to see if it’s true, even if you can’t verify it, every time I’ve gone searching it leads me down several different paths, but they don’t want that, you might become informed. Round and around we go… watch video below to see just how uninformed some are. It’s mind numbing. That’s why I do this. I know for a fact I have awakened people, even if my number of awakenings are small I’m trying, it may be more since starting this site, and I really hope I’m making at least a small dent. But the guys that lost their Rumble accounts, they’re making a dent, enough to call the insurance company dent. I’m proud there are people out there that do all they do. Making contacts, putting it all together. Wish I was on their team.

Join Odysee and follow the dent makers….lol Here: and …………….