What Certain Letters Mean in The Q Drops – From Samantha Alderson Channel (Telegram)

Some folk have been asking Samantha what certain letters mean in the Q drops and what they stand for.

ATL – Atlanta, state capital of Georgia
AUS – Australia
BIS – Bank for International Settlesments
BOB – Robert Mueller former Director of FBI
BO – Bruce Ohr
BHO/HUSSEIN/Renegade – Barack (Hussein) Obama, Renegade (traitor) was his USSS codename
BOD – Board of Directors
BP – Border Patrol
BUZZF – BuzzFeed
C-INFO – Classified information
CA – Canada
CD-Camp David
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
CF – Clinton Foundation
CFR – Council on Foreign Relations
Clowns/Clowns In America/C-A – CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
CM – CodeMonkey, 8chan Administrator
COMMS – Communications
*CS – Chuck Schumer also Civil Service
CTR – Correct The Record
DC – District of Columbia
DJT/POTUS – Donald J. Trump, President Of The United States
DNC – Democratic National Committee
DOD – Department of Defense
DOE – Department of Energy
DOJ/D-J – Department of Justice
DOPEY – Alwaleed bin Talal
D’s – Democrats
DWS – Debbie Wasserman Schultz
EM – Elon Musk
EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse
EMS – Emergency Messaging System also Emergency Medical Services
EO – Executive Order
ES – Eric Schmidt
EU – European Union
F&F – Fast and Furious (Feinstein’s failed gun sale attempt)
f2f – Face-to-Face
FB – Facebook
FBI/F-I – Federal Bureau of Investigation
FED – Federal Reserve also Federal
FF – False flag
FISA – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FLYNN – Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to President Trump
GOOG – Google
GITMO – Guantanamo Bay Naval Base military prison and detention camp
GS – George Soros
H – Haiti
HI – Hawaii
HK – Hong Kong
HRC – Hillary Rodham Clinton
HS – Homeland Security
HA/Huma – Huma Abedin
HUMA – Harvard University Muslim Alumni
H-wood – Hollywood
IC – Intelligence Community
ID/IDEN – Identification
IRS – Internal Revenue Service
ISIS – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service
JA – Julian Assange
JB – John Brennan, Former CIA Director
JC – James Clapper (Former DNI Director) also James Comey (Former FBI Director)
JFK – John Kennedy, former President of the USA before being assassinated in 1962
JOHNNY – John Conyers, US Representative for Michigan
JK – John Kerry also Jared Kushner
JS – John Solomon
KKK – Ku Klux Klan, started by the D’s
L – Lynn Rothschild
LDR – Lord De Rothschild
LL – Loretta Lynch
LV – Las Vegas
MAY – Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
MB – Muslim Brotherhood
MI – Military Intelligence
ML – Marshal Law
MM – Media Matters also Million
MS-13 – Latino Drug Cartel
MSM – Mainstream Media
MW – Maxine Waters
MZ – Mark Zuckerberg
NG/NAT G – National Guard
NK/NORK/NOK – North Korea
NP – Non-Profit also Nancy Pelosi
NSA – National Security Agency
NWO – New World Order
NYT – New York Times, American newspaper
OO – Oval Office
OP – Original poster also Operation(s)
P_PERS – President Trump’s Personal message to us
PG – Pizzagate/pedogate
PL – Presidential library
PM – Prime Minister
POS – Piece of shit
PP – Planned Parenthood
PS – Peter Strzok, FBI agent
RNC – Republican National Committee
R’s – Republicans
RED RED – Red Cross
ROTH – Rothschild
RR – Rod Rosenstein (Deputy Attorney General) also Ronald Reagan
RT – Real time
RYAN – Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House
SA – Saudi Arabia
SAP – Special Access Programs
SC – Supreme Court
SD – State Department
SEC – Security also Secure
SESSIONS – Jeff Sessions (Attorney General)
SH – Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit
SID/We Don’t Say His Name/John M – John Sidney McCain
SIS – Secret Intelligence Service (in the United Kingdo


Part 2 Q drops

SOTU – State of the Union
SR – Susan Rice also Seth Rich
SS – Secret Service
ST – Seal Team (eg. Seal Team 6)
TG – Trey Gowdy
TSA – Transportation Security Administration
U1 – Uranium One
UBL – Osama Bin Laden
UN – United Nations
US – United States
USMC – United States Marine Corps
USSS – United States Secret Service
VJ – Valerie Jarret
WH – White House
WL – Wikileaks
WRWY – We are with you
WW – Worldwide

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