WEF plans to take control of your credit card to “save the planet”.

WEF plans to take control of your credit card to “save the planet”.

Sounds more like communism to me.

Doconomy is now launching the world’s first credit card with a carbon footprint limit, DO Black. The launch of this premium card marks the first milestone in the support that Doconomy provides to the UN Climate Change secretariat (UNFCCC) to encourage global climate action. DO Black not only helps users track and measure CO2 emissions associated with their purchases, but also puts a limit to the climate impact of their spending. Users can now sign-up to register interest for DO Black.

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Doconomy, a Swedish fin-tech startup for everyday climate action, has worked with Mastercard to develop this radical tool for consumers wanting to act against climate change. DO also invites the user to offset their carbon foot print through projects meeting the criteria of United Nations certified green projects. Simply put, the first card ever to prevent consumers from exceeding their limit, not based on credit, but on levels of CO2 emissions caused by their consumption.

Geeze, I’m researching and I run across this Link from the Economic Forum, Just look at it!

Central Banks or the Treasury will control our personal accounts

In January of 2022, the Federal Reserve Bank came out with a new report on central bank digital currencies. If the Fed or the Treasury department controls our personal banking and retirement accounts with this digital currency our transactions would no longer be funneled through banks. Our personal accounts would be held literally at the Fed or Treasury Department in central bank digital currency or central government digital currency. These accounts would be controlled by us through an app on our phones. Our accounts will be tracked and monitored by central bankers or governments.

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