We need to be on our toes and come together more.

So many are saying because the Queen is dead, it means the Deep state is going down and it is the end of all of this and all of that. She was 97 and some say she died 10 years ago and is cloned. Who really knows. The more info exposed about Charles though the better, but the censorship is crazy. If his best friend being Jimmy Saville isn’t enough, then how much more pathetic can this get.

This funeral is going to be huge because most of the masses seem to think she was someone special and important. No deeper investigation into the death of Diana. The true investigators of most false flags are largely ignored, even if their credentials are impressive. Same with doctors. They turned such a blind eye to EVERYTHING. Even a naked boy jumping out of Buckingham palace. Oh, nothing to see there. Carry on. Oh that was just a scandal. But lets obsess over the psyops and treat it like its Truth.

The 24th of September many are warning about and as much as I I am not about predictions, I am about being prepared. This to me is a bit different than saying so and so are being executed and taken down like it is all taken care of don’t worry. Please check my telegram for more details. I will share links soon in comments.

We need to unplug from the vampires and not be their food source, for it to be taken down. It is never going to go anywhere as long as people support it. Even us who don’t, that isn’t going to necessary eradicate their presence from the Earth, but it will and has removed them from our lives and the Timeline that we are venturing down.

Some people share in total confidence predictions and statements that I personally am very wary of and careful of just believing. All these executions too. (not saying it is a lie, just cautious) The most important thing is that we don’t sit back and just believe everything we hear. Trust the Plan, to me wasn’t the best advice.

We each have a divine purpose, we need to be pro-active and remove these lower forces from our minds, creative channels and focus. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t observe and I am not one for telling people what to do. I am just shocked at how much the Mother energy and her return to the planetary core barely gets discussed. It is for a very small audience it seems. It is never included in the doom and gloom headlines, even in the alternative media.

The solutions, the elixir and breath of life and the most important thing humanity could be embracing right now, only a very small portion of humanity really are deeply connecting with. We need to illuminate the inner divine union template, take the higher road in all things and get out of the muck of lower density behavior and thinking to stand a chance in being okay in this World.

Even if people think the death of Queen represents the end of so much, I totally respect that. I think with a 97 year old woman, its pretty obvious if she was human she would be reaching death pretty soon. Not immortality to rule. But because I suspect she is not human and they have advanced technologies, her force will more than likely manifest into a new form. The many levels of Deep state and the negative Alien agenda, doesn’t rely on one individual they use as a vessel to manifest their agenda through.

We have to know the tricks and games being played. Most humans don’t see it. They don’t even see how the Nazi agenda is here, in yet another disguise. I know I am preaching to the choir here and no matter what we believe it shouldn’t create hatred or division, we need to focus on love and mature communication and get out of the smearing, gossip high school mentality that is injuring many missions. I guess my point is, lets not make too many assumptions with what we hear.

We need to be on our toes and come together more. Just feeling a bit discouraged that it is so hard for people to see the Mother and the guiding principle encoded in Nature, our Soul and DNA. The news, whether fake or alternative can be consuming.

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