The explosion, on the sole bridge linking the Crimean Peninsula with Russia, disrupted an important supply line for Russian troops and handed an embarrassing blow to the Kremlin.

So sounds like Ukraine Blew up a bridge, and as you can see from the video, there was traffic on that bridge when it was blown up.

The blast and fire sent part of the 12-mile Kerch Strait bridge tumbling into the sea and killed at least three people, according to Russian authorities, who said a Ukrainian truck bomb had caused the blast. That claim could not be independently verified and the Ukrainian government, which lauded the damage, stopped short of taking responsibility for the attack.

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Light traffic has resumed on Russia’s only bridge to Crimea, hours after a huge blast brought down sections of the roadway.

The blast on Europe’s longest bridge – a symbol of Russia’s annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 – killed three people, investigators say.

The victims were in a nearby car when a lorry blew up, Russian officials claim.

The railway part of the bridge – where oil tankers caught fire – has also apparently reopened.

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