Watch Video – Alex Stein gets Spit on gets Emotional about Moms Death

These people will and are unemployable, they are throwing their money away, especially when they do this and it is on video, ya think a company will hire her…look at her, she can’t even control herself. She’s feral animal.

Alex Stein: These Are Indoctrination Camps From Middle School To High School To College

“These kids are radicalized to have these leftist ideologies that are not beneficial to society, so these people actually literally spit and assault us in public and are defended by their administrators.”

“I have no fear and that’s what I want to express to the people out there… She spit on me, but the government, and these people in power, are spitting on us every day and telling us it’s raining. So all I want to do is wake people up to the harsh reality in which we live in.”