WATCH – Ilhan Omar Meltdown: Town Hall Crashed By Anti-War Protesters Calling Her Out

Ilhan Omar Meltdown: Squad Member’s Town Hall Crashed By Anti-War Protesters Calling Her Out On Her Hypocrisy

“You’re supposed to be a progressive Democrat. Anti-War. Anti-War,” a man can be heard yelling toward Omar.

Omar replied, “I am anti-war.”

“80 billion to Ukraine is not anti-war,” the heckler fired back.

Omar: “We are helping Ukraine defend themselves.”

“Ukraine is killing its own citizens. In the Donbas,” the heckler continued interrupting.

Omar: “We are helping little children like me.”

“Listen, unless you have not been paying attention to what is happening, there are millions of Ukrainians that have been displaced. There are piles of bodies that are being found in mass graves, there are little children whose lives are being lost,” Omar hysterically shouted.

“By Zelensky! Yeah, by Zelensky in the Donbas,” the protester shouted back.

The Evidence is Ukraine was going to join Nato and Build Nuclear weapons, pointing them at Russia. Why do you think China is on board with Russia, don’t want us having more Nukes….Nato left a bunch of laptops with data to this effect when they evacuated early on. Putin has all this Nato/Ukraine plan.