Watch China starts Enforcing Zero Covid Policy with Machine Guns at Airport

NOW – China starts enforcing its zero-COVID policy with machine guns at Xishuangbanna Airport in Yunnan.

This could be us, if Hillary Clinton had won, this would be us. Even liberals know Hillary would sacrifice everyone on earth in the name of Satan. Even non believers believe Hillary is evil, is a witch and will stop at nothing to get power. Even the FBI that protected her couldn’t stand her, said she smelled too, probably sulfur from the bowels of hell, but I’m going off the subject.

I just can’t understand how liberals can see the things happening around the world and not think that’s my future if we continue. That is what they say they want and they will have it. Ask George Bush Sr.

Bottom line is, we are getting to this point. We’re so close, they so bad want to rid us of the constitution and if they get this generation to begin to believe we should get rid of it, there will be no fight, there will be no one to stand up and say no, we like our rights and our freedoms, I’d say our guns, but I’m sure at the point of ridding us of the constitution we have already agreed to give up our right to bare arms.

They waited this long, they should have waited a few more generations of mind control to push this, they pushed it into a GREAT AWAKENING. But how long are we going to hold on to this Great Awakening, for some reason American’s have a short attention span and lets face it become lazy. I’m guilty, not afraid to say it.

We’ve got to fight back and parents, just remove your child from public school, I know for some it’s impossible, but I bet if you were to talk to other parents, they would feel the same, together you can arrange something. If you all come together I know you can do it.

This video I watched opened up where we would have been if it wasn’t for Trump, and it’s opening up our future, if we sit and do nothing. We need people with ethics and not afraid, money is not as important as our future.

I pray everyone who sold us out will be in the history books as treasonous traitors.

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