Watch – Bizarre way Kiev Residents ‘Commemorate’ Crimea Bridge Terror Attack

This just happened, these people are fooling around in front of this billboard of a stamp to commemorate the Blowing up of the Crimea Bridge which killed some, do these people have any couth? Do they not have compassion, or even care it was blown up in an act of war, which is nothing to joke about.

People have lost humanity. I see things like this and I think, we’re lost and I don’t think there’s any going back to family, love, respect, values, ethics. I’m glad I lived in a generation that still had those values, and I’m very sad to see us slipping so fast, I’m also glad I won’t be alive to see this NWO they have planned and liberals and yes even conservatives ignoring this fact, they announce their plans, and we sit there and say pffft, won’t happen here. Don’t be naive. They want America in the worst way, we lead the way, once we are lost, we are slaves, own nothing and be happy about it, eat what they give you and be happy they fed you some bugs.