United States Spent More than $200 Million on 46 Biological Labs in Ukraine

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³ U.S. is taken to task before the UN Security Council.

Article VI of the BWC = Biological Weapons Act Convention: right to request the UN Security Council to investigate alleged violations of the BWC and obligation to cooperate in the conduct of any investigation initiated by the Security Council.

In early March 2022, the Russian Ministry of Defense released information indicating that the United States was conducting an extensive biological research program in Ukraine. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the United States has spent more than $200 million on 46 biological laboratories in Ukraine, including many near the Russian border, some of which were conducting research on infectious diseases.

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry, the U.S. Defense Department controls 336 biological labs in 30 countries around the world, but obstruct investigations by any means necessary.

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