Unbelievable Trump’s RussiaGate lawsuit against Hillary, the beast, has been dismissed by a Clinton appointed Judge. WTF?

A federal judge threw out a sprawling racketeering lawsuit brought by former President Donald Trump against his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton, members of her campaign, and an array of figures tied to Trump-Russia collusion claims.

Middlebrooks, who was appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton, makes clear from the outset that he thinks the complaint filed by Trump’s lawyers is legal gobbledygook.

At this point, all of us pretty much know who was behind the Russiagate scandal…

We have testimonies, documents, and a mountain of evidence that points to Hillary Clinton, but for one reason or the other, the obfuscation continues at the federal level.

They got a big lock-down on our justice system. Now how do we remove these Obama/Clinton appointed judges is the big question.

Impeach­ment is a process by which the polit­ical branches of govern­ment — usually the legis­lature — can remove judges from office. Because the impeach­ment power lies primar­ily in the hands of politi­cians, it is at times threatened for partisan reas­ons, but the impeach­ment and removal of judges is in fact rare and usually limited to grave ethical or crim­inal miscon­duct such as perjury, fraud, or conflicts of interest.

VOTE RED! – We gotta fix this shit!