Ukraine War Front Lines – Western Media Will Not Show

Dougan began his career with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 2002*. Six years later, in late 2008, after attempting to report a grisly internal scandal to internal affairs, he left, his search for justice unsatisfied.

“There was a group of [deputies] running around beating minorities – just brutally beating them, and posting their bloodied photos on Facebook,” where officers would allude to beating them, but would not say so directly, Dougan says.

“It was just terrible,” the former officer recalls. “I took their pages and anonymously sent them to Internal Affairs, or thought I had done so. They tracked it back to me and put what we call a ‘big target’ on my back; they were looking for reasons to fire me.”

* Editor’s note: when contacted by Sputnik, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that John Mark Dougan had indeed been an employee of PBSO, but couldn’t confirm the exact timeframe.

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Story of Bad Wolf – Exiled for Exposing Police Corruption

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