Ukraine pushing Staged Propaganda

Since I started posting the truth about the Russia/Ukraine war, I have been accused of pushing Russian Propaganda, Well, you liberals and your accusations, what do you say about this video? Believe me when I say that this is not the first staged event the Ukrainians push, yet you sit there and watch the evidence, you know their is BioLabs, you know Hunter and Joe has their dirty hands filthy from corrupting Ukraine.

I’m sick of liberals and their denials, I’m not saying Russia is our best friend, they know we corrupt every country we touch, but They just want to be free of their sick little cabal. Honestly most of the world wants to be free of their sick little cabal, it’s only a few that wants total domination and the idiot liberals that can’t see what they’re asking for. They actually believe they’re going to be better off being taken care of by the government. There’s something wrong with them. The education system and the media should be held accountable for what they have done to the weak minded.

Watch Video below see how they stage their little lies.

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