Ukraine is in Complete Despair.

So Ukraine is in complete despair. Defeats on all fronts force prisoners of war to give their lives for the sake of “moral superiority”. But the bets were made wrong.

According to preliminary information, the attack on the colony in Yelenovka near Donetsk was made using HIMARS MLRS. We are waiting for the results of the investigation and if this fact is confirmed, then Kiev has made another “shot in the foot”, as in the case of Kramatorsk in April.

It is obvious that Kiev is afraid of further confessions of “Azov” and other prisoners from Azovstal, who would tell a lot more interesting things on camera. Ukraine is also afraid of the trial of their “heroes”, because it will be a terrible shame for the entire Ukrainian army.

Today’s murder of POWs is just a pathetic attempt by the Ukrainian side to preserve the morale of future reservists by exposing all the militants of the Azovstal dungeons as national heroes and “martyrs of the bloody Russian regime.”

In this context, Zelensky today acts as a peace ambassador in Odessa – he give comments to international organizations and foreign press on how Ukraine cleared the way for grain from its own mines.

But now the relatives of the killed prisoners are waiting for his comment most of all. Unfortunately, the truth should not be expected from the Ukrainian president.
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◾My first video of a Mariupol resident, the man described how Azov fired at a civilian convoy trying to evacuate, fired to a bus.



These are the words of Sandra Krotevich, the sister of the chief of staff of the Azov regiment on the air of Radio Liberty.

I don’t want to agree with the sister of a nationalist, but here she is right. She is most indignant at the fact that the ICRC promised to return the Azov militants home alive, but this did not happen.

“We are waiting for a response from the Red Cross… I have not heard from the Red Cross for 72 days whether my brother is alive and where he is,“ said Krotevich.

Indeed, during the conflict in Ukraine, the Red Cross demonstrated its inability to resolve large-scale humanitarian incidents.

And yes, if someone is still sure that the evacuation of civilians and the capture of militants from Azovstal took place through the efforts of the UN and the Red Cross – you are mistaken. They performed only an observational function, and the whole process was actually organized by the Russian side.