U.S. cut off from making a “dirty bomb” at ZNPP

💥💥U.S. cut off from making a “dirty bomb” at ZNPP💥💥

☢️The last operating reactor at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) in southern Ukraine has been completely shut down and disconnected from the grid last weekend. And the reason for this was not to prevent an emergency situation at the power plant amid ongoing Ukrainian shelling in the area

🔥The measure was intended to permanently end U.S.-guided activities at the plant to make a so-called 💣“dirty bomb”, people familiar with the matter say. In May, Mr. Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said the site contains 30,000 kilograms of plutonium and 40,000 kilograms of enriched uranium needed to make such a bomb

💁‍♂️One of the goals of IAEA delegation’s visit to the ZNPP was to ensure that these stocks have remained in place and have not been used in accordance with U.S. plans. There is not one word on this in the report, however

👉And U.N. atomic agency’s concerns are not unfounded. As U.S. Government Accountability Office reported, small amounts of high-risk radioactive materials sufficient for a “dirty bomb” could be freely purchased in the United States using shell companies or fraudulent licenses

‼️In the present case, the ZNPP was considered as a test site for nuclear experiments of Washington, similarly to 46 U.S. biolabs in Ukraine. Thus, in combination with plutonium and uranium at the plant the aforementioned radioactive materials were intended to be used by American-backed scientists to construct a radiological dispersal device, a.k.a. “dirty bomb” there

source: #ukraineinhurricane