Tiffany Caban Democrat Councilwoman Blasted by Victim for Statement – “Subway Violence One in a Million”

Watch Video of the Subway Attack on Elizabeth Gomes below

Tiffany Caban, a Democrat who represents Queens, was condemned by 33 year-old mother of five Elizabeth Gomes over a tweet which read: ‘Subway violence is a one in a million event.

She is also quoted as saying – ‘As a believer in a violence-free NYC, I still think that’s one too many, but let’s not let fear-mongering politicians and corporate media outlets scare us into thinking we have a dangerous, scary public transit system.’

Did we mention Tiffany Caban is a big supporter of De-fund the Police Movement?

Elizabeth Gomes, 33, a mother of five from Far Rockaway, was brutally beaten during the early morning hours of September 20 while traveling on the subway to get to work at JFK Airport.

Tiffany Caban decided it was a good idea to tweet her WOKE feelings about the subway crime being “one in a million.”

Elizabeth Gomes gave a statement to the New York Post: ‘The subway system is dangerous and for her to post something like that — it seems to me that she doesn’t ride the subway or have anyone to ride it. She doesn’t really understand what it is.

‘It’s just getting worse and worse.’ 

She added: ‘People are afraid. People are getting robbed. People are getting shot. People are getting molested.’

Gomes added: ‘We need protection. That’s what we’re looking for.

‘That’s what the people are looking for.’  

Elizabeth Gnomes after subway attack

I tried to find this tweet, I have the copy of it, but either I can’t find it or she deleted it, but reading through her tweets, she wants to release criminals from prison also. So add it up, de-fund the police and release criminals from prisons, not jail but prisons, also she wants bail reform too, so why arrest people at all, don’t like someone? Kill em, you’ll be free to do it again, push them into a subway train, who cares, these people are running Gotham City, they’re out of control and want to reduce you, meaning the vaccines didn’t do the job, criminals might.

How long are NY’ers going to put up with Democrats? I know NYC is full of liberals, but if they begin to feel unsafe will it be enough to wake them up? If it is, is it enough to wake them up to what they’re all actually doing to America and the world. Don’t get me wrong we have our Rino’s, our secret society joiners too, however it seems the Democrats are the party that is radicalizing our society and trying to keep the division, all for power. Republican party is either faking us out and adjusting their agenda to fit what most American’s want in life and once elected do nothing, or they are sincere an truly want to change things. We the People must keep watch over them, VOTE, and help keep our VOTES secure from election fraud. Also BIG TECH has got to stop the silencing of one side. That was wrong on so many levels, and Zuckerberg with his millions to steal our election. It’s funny how one subject can lead to another and then another isn’t it?

We need to get back to loving our country and God, promote the family unit and clean up the crime filled cities. Youth centers would be a great start in cities, Chicago is in desperate need of fixing the gang mentality there. I digress.