The Truth – Trafficking Children

If this video doesn’t wake you up and make you cry, you’re lost, you’re soulless. I don’t think there’s any hope for you. Liberals, either don’t have children or stop grooming your own children, you’re infecting our children, depriving them of their normal life. Liberalism is a mental disorder that must be eradicated from the earth.

Liberals have a form of munchausen syndrome by proxy. They crave attention and will push their sexual agenda onto their own child to get that attention they crave.

Teachers who want to infect our children are using our children as their personal therapist as young as preschool, they’re craving acceptance and children are willing to accept what their teachers project, our innocent children used by liberal gender bending, CRT twisted thoughts even their own parents can’t accept, so they want so desperately to be accepted they’ll corrupt your child to get that acceptance.