The Q Movement is Very Real, it’s You who can’t Handle the TRUTH

Riccardo explains Q and gives valuable insight into the depth of the war that has been going on for decades.

-Riccardo Bosi & The Great Awakening

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Message from Blondiepie

I just what to say, I do this blog, not for money, I’ve made NOTHING from this and I’m not looking for anything, except your attention. Do I like the Hits on my posts? Yes, because that means someone is learning, reading or maybe just listening to some good ole music on my radio station. I have known about a lot of this since Obama was in office and wrote blogs about most of these subjects even then. You don’t have to believe everything I post, to understand we have a problem and there’s a great struggle to save the worlds freedoms. I try to not post many mainstream news, I try to post as much as I can that doesn’t reach many of you. I hope you enjoy my website and my posts.

I’d also like to thank all the researchers, video making, awesome patriots out there. YOU’RE THE BEST!

Stick with us, it’s about to get really bumpy and some of you may need us Q Anons.