The Plan to Save the World 🌎

To understand what’s about to happen soon, WATCH EVERY VIDEO BELOW! Stop fighting a better life.

Every man, woman and child is tracked by the NSA recorded and kept, INCLUDING the ELITE, Trump and the military took control of the NSA. Trump visited every country, met with their corrupt leaders with files and videos on DVDS, surrender or they’ll be released. Deals made they get to preserve their name and family name. It’s over!

The Plan to Save the World 🌎

America has no enemies only countries that will not accept our banking system, every war was because they wanted their own banking system. 9/11 was a planned attack to take many of our rights and because they would not accept our banking. Terrorists do not exist, they’re created.

Make the Deal, we have it all, everything


Trust the surrender

We are cleaning the crime the Elite have created. Our military and One Man the post master general has saved us. History books must remember all!