The Mystery of Paul Pelosi Attack Continues

I’m sorry if this seems just a little too weird to not question. The guy was in his underwear, the 911 call says he doesn’t know him, then proceeds to tell the 911 dispatcher his name is David and a Family Friend? Sounds very much like a lovers quarrel.

Below pic is from twitter….Waiting to find out if it is true the statement was made…I’m going to guess it probably is…we will see…

Police report suspect was a friend & had been let into the house. When police arrived suspect was in his underwear at 2:30am. #Pelosi, #Biden, #CNN & #MSNBC are spinning this as political violence when in fact was a domestic with Paul’s Butt Buddy in a booty call gone wrong #MAGA

Below are twitter feeds, just give them a few seconds to populate.

Click to find out Fox News report on who the Attacker, David Depape is: