The JG Wentworth Audio Phenomenon

Here’s the thing, I noticed my two dogs were actively looking at the Commercial every time it played. Mine wouldn’t howl like the other dogs in these videos, but I can say they’re Chihuahuas and like to sleep under blankets and when that commercial comes on they pop out. They know the song just by the beginning.

So I’m over at youtube looking up something else, and I see JG Wentworth and my dog singing, so I click and more and more dog videos come up with them howling and going crazy about the commercial. Now I tried other Opera music with my dogs and nothing. They pay no attention. There is something about this commercial that is setting these dogs off.

I don’t know if many of you know this, but they’re now putting hz in music to effect mood and health, they did it at that rap concert where people died, I know they say they were crushed but if you watch all the videos some don’t look crushed, they just dropped.

I have a request, if someone out there is reading this and is mixing and mastering expert or study how sound effects us and the body, can someone put this through a mixer or a program that breaks down sound and see if they are slipping anything in these commercials.. it’s just weird and if you notice most of the dogs start howling when the group starts singing, some of the dogs almost look like they’re in pain. Also while I was viewing and playing these videos, my Dogs were going a bit crazy, almost manic. Walking around barking and acting upset, they weren’t howling just acting strange the whole time.

Addition to the post: My husband just came home and told me JG Wentworth was sued for using a Collie in their Commercial and In J.G. Wentworth’s commercial, entitled “Get Help Girl,” a mother and son sit in a 1950s farmhouse-styled kitchen and are dressed to clearly indicate they are from that era. The mother is distressed. “Mom, what’s wrong?” questions the boy. The mother responds by saying, “Oh, Eddie, we’ve got to come up with some money or we’ll lose the ranch.”

Enter the dog, who races through fields, forests, and other rural areas to get to J.G. Wentworth for help.

Now we are wondering if some liberal employee of JG Wentworth is getting back at the Dog community and all dog owners. Disclaimer: This is not an accusation, just thinking

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If anyone does do this and finds something can you please let me know. You can add a comment to this Post or email me at [email protected] I would appreciate it.