The Illuminati and the Council for Foreign Relations

What you’re about to watch is not a conspiracy, much of what is said in this video pertains to what we are living through today. These are historical facts.

The Illuminati has infiltrated our intelligent agencies, Hollywood, all major news networks, the United Nations, our whole world is being run by a bloodline, these are not conspiracies, I will say this over and over, there are documents, there is a history documented. Your ignorance to how our whole world is being suppressed by crazy inbred people.

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Myron Fagan: “Play this for the unaware, uninformed and well meaning people who desire to hear the truth–Don’t waste your time on the hard core socialists who have already repudiated principle


The Tower of Babble. The National Constitution Newspaper, 1973.
This cartoon appeared in the National Constitution Newspaper’s Winter 1973 edition.

Myron Fagan came to prominence in the late 1940s and early 1950s as one of the leaders of the movement to expose supposed communist influence in Hollywood. Operating chiefly under the guise of the Cinema Educational Guild–an organization he founded to distribute anti-communist publications–Fagan sought to demonstrate that Hollywood was “as Red controlled as Moscow” and to counteract that influence. He was reportedly the major force behind the creation of Red Channels, a 1950 booklet that listed alleged communist sympathizers in the movie industry, many of whom film executives subsequently blacklisted. By the 1960s, Fagan had broadened his efforts to root out anti-American infiltration, and he picked up on the popular conservative theme of a plot to subvert US sovereignty by accession to a “one-world government.” Like other commentators, Fagan pointed to the activities of the United Nations as evidence of this plot. (For other examples of this theme, see: “The Tower of Babble,” “United Nations: The Modern Trojan Horse,” and “The Strange Origin of the U.N. Flag,” all below.) But in this 1967 record series, Illuminati:

The Network of Patriotic Letter Writers, March 1965.

The Council on Foreign Relations, he spent most of the two-and-a-half hours covering six LP album sides decrying the eponymous think tank as the home base for US members of the “Illuminati,” a cult which Fagan claimed had been working to forge a “satanic” world-wide government since the eighteenth century. The building pictured in Fagan’s symbolic rifle scope is the Council on Foreign Relations’ New York headquarters, for which Fagan conveniently provided the address should any of his listeners wish to protest the institution. In keeping with Fagan’s long history of “naming names,” the back cover featured a list of CFR members and alleged Illuminati, bringing together into one plot such unlikely co-conspirators as Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Alger Hiss, and Robert Oppenheimer. As one slogan printed on the back cover explained: “Play this for the unaware, uninformed and well meaning people who desire to hear the truth–Don’t waste your time on the hard core socialists who have already repudiated principle.

Bumper sticker 1960’s, sought to diminish Liberal student Political VIOLENCE

In 1945, Fagan claimed he saw secret documents of the meetings in Yalta, shown to him by author John T. Flynn, that led him to write the plays Red Rainbow and Thieves Paradise. Written in 1945, Red Rainbow portrays Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and others in Yalta plotting to deliver the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Berlin to Stalin. Left-wing groups in the New York opposed the production of the play, and Fagan had difficulties getting financial backing to produce it. Fagan took the play to Hollywood where he encountered more protests against it than he had in New York.[2]

In the late 1940s, Fagan launched a one-man crusade against what he claimed was a “Red Conspiracy in Hollywood”. Out of this crusade came the Cinema Educational Guild.[3]

In 1953, Red Rainbow was produced by Bruce Fagan and staged for 16 performances at the Royal Theatre [4] between September 14 and 26.[5]

Written two years later, Thieves Paradise portrays the same group plotting to create the United Nations as a Communist front for one world government.[6]

Despite opposition, Thieves Paradise opened at the Las Palmas Theatre in Hollywood on December 26, 1947. It starred Howard Johnson,[3] who was subject to a campaign of harassment so bitter and intense that it sent him to St. Vincent’s Hospital with a nervous breakdown after six performances, and he never made another movie in Hollywood.[citation needed]Thieves Paradise was produced and staged at the El Patio theatre in Hollywood in April 1948. It opened on April 12,[3] and despite protest against it, was able to complete its run.