Swiss Central Bank Moved Its Gold From Berne to a Federal Bunker in Kandersteg

You remember this when the Switzerland hid all its GOLD in the mountains in the summer….
And you remember the Russian special forces that blew up the airport and WEAPONS that were in cargo in the airports around the same time….. Well several sources now report SWITZERLAND is inside the KILLBOX, MILITARY ALLIANCE OPERATIONS ARE GOING AFTER THE ROTHSCHILDS LARGEST STASH OF HIDDEN GOLD
Switzerland has long been the devils bank and first money laundering operations dating back centuries, The CIA keeps large amounts of gold, silver, money there dating back to 1956.
WIRES reports, the same Russian special forces and U.S. MiL ALLIANCE are targeting the SEIZURE of the assets.

As Evelyn ROTHSCHILD was forced to commit suicide during the Blood Moon and the Death of the Queen ( she was dead long before) happened near the same time…..Mil. Operations took control of UK . Germany. ITALY. and the COLLAPSE of NATO, EU is becoming evident
_ The next Step is to go after the
GOLD in Switzerland and END the DEEP STATE regimen there

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