Supreme Court Takes The Critical Election Case #22-380

RE: NOVEMBER 23, 2022

Coincidences listed at the end.

Supreme Court Takes The Critical Election Case #22-380
9 Justices in conference will vote (only 4 needed) to move to a hearing
The day before Thanksgiving, 23 Nov. 2022, Defendants Biden, Harris, Pence and 385 Members of Congress waived their right to respond to a lawsuit being considered at the Supreme Court that charged them with breaking their oath of office.
The Supreme Court case could nullify President Biden and all of Congress because they had voted against a Congressional proposition to investigate over one hundred claims that there were enemies of the Constitution who successfully rigged the 2020 Presidential Election.
This case was not about challenging the election results or about fraud, but about elected officials failing to look into or block attempts of a ten day legally required review of over one hundred claims of alleged Election rigging.

November 23, 2022 – RE: SCOTUS Case #22-380: The Solicitor General of the United States Department of Justice replaces the U.S. Attorneys.  Elizabeth B. Prelogar, the Solicitor General of United States, the official attorney on record for the defendants, and on behalf of the 388 defendants, waived their right to respond to this lawsuit, thus allowing the SCOTUS to move forward.
Plaintiff asks that defendants be permanently removed from office, and not allowed to hold a public office again.