Slovenia will transfer 28 tanks to Ukraine in exchange for trucks from Germany

Slovenia will transfer 28 tanks to Ukraine in exchange for trucks from Germany

The relevant agreement was signed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Slovenian prime minister Robert Golob. So, the Germans will give the Slovenians 35 heavy trucks and five water tankers in exchange for m55s tanks for Ukraine.

Ukraine has repeatedly sought Leopard battle tanks from Germany to aid in its counter-attack against Russia, but Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government has so far refused.

Berlin has instead struck deals with third countries, which transfer heavy weapons to Ukraine — in exchange for receiving supplies from Germany.

In the latest such arrangement, Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht announced she had signed such an agreement with her Slovenian counterpart for Ljubljana to send 28 M-55S tanks to Ukraine.

In exchange, Germany will transfer 40 military trucks along with other supplies to Slovenia, she said in statement.

“Together, we are adding to direct arms deliveries to Ukraine to support its courageous struggle against Russian aggression,” said Lambrecht.

Germany has already struck similar deals with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Greece.

Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have agreed on by phone to exchange and equip Ukrainian troops.

As part of their extended bilateral dialogue, the two leaders discussed the ongoing war in Ukraine and highlighted the need for solidarity to help the nation against Russian aggression. 

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