What could save Kherson:

Long-range bombers and area bombardments – Russian military experts

In response (to the Ukrainian troop buildup – ed.), Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions near the settlements of Krasnoye Znamya and Novogrigorovka in the Nikolaev region, and near Sukhoi Stavok and Belogorka in the Kherson region. Enemy losses as a result are estimated at 500 men and 40 vehicles. Ukrainian Army command posts were also hit there and several Ukrainian drones were shot down.

A review: Russian forces had already taken control of the Kherson region and the Azov part of the Zaporozhye region in southern Ukraine in early March as part of the special military operation. The ruble was cracked into circulation in these areas, the hryvnia was withdrawn from circulation, and Russian television and radio stations went on the air. Both regions have announced their intention to become part of Russia.

Currently, Ukrainian forces regularly shell the Antonov Bridge in Kherson, the Kakhovka Dam, and other key infrastructure. Now Ukrainian authorities complained about a missile strike near Krivoy Rog. Presumably, a missile strike had hit the dam facilities on the Ingulez River, the southern part of which is currently being crossed by Ukrainian forces via pontoon bridges as part of troop redeployments toward Kherson. Political scientist Ivan Lisan comments thus:

“The attack on the Karachunov Dam was carried out strictly according to military logic – the enemy is advancing, and we are changing the terrain (to make it more difficult for him to advance – ed.). Water has flowed from the reservoir into the Ingulets River, on which Ukrainian forces have built pontoon crossings to move their troops from the Nikolaev region to the part of the Kherson region that we control.”

Commenting on the situation around Kherson, military expert Boris Roshin told Vsglyad newspaper thus:

“In the Kherson region, the Ukrainian army continues to try to advance near Possad-Pokrovsky in the direction of Kiselyovka. For the moment, these attempts remain unsuccessful, but the regrouping of (Ukrainian) troops to carry out offensive actions has not yet been completed. Also, the enemy does not give up hope of using the bridgehead on the Ingulez River near Andreyevka. Despite the heavy losses of Ukrainian forces in this area, additional forces continue to be deployed here to rotate formations. It is quite possible that an attack will be attempted from this bridgehead.”

The expert gives this advice:

“In response, Russian forces should take enemy positions under fire, reinforce the front line, and keep an eye on the Ukrainian army’s ability to carry out offensive actions, including in the Zaporozhye region. It cannot be ruled out that the activities in the Kherson region are a diversionary tactic to tie up part of our forces and thus clear the way for an attack in the Zaporozhye region near Vasilyevka.”

The Ukrainian army is trying with all its might to break through to the Dnieper River, reach the bank near Berislav and cut off part of the Russian bridgehead on the right bank of the river, Roschin explains the tactics of the Ukrainian General Staff.


President Vladimir Putin:
Scrap metal is on the way


Germany supplies rocket launchers and armored vehicles‼️

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) has announced further arms deliveries to Ukraine. Germany will supply the country with two more Mars II multiple rocket launchers, including 200 missiles, Lambrecht said Thursday at the start of the Bundeswehr conference in Berlin.🤭

In addition, Ukraine will receive 50 Dingo all-protection transport vehicles. Training of the Ukrainian crews is also to begin in Germany before the end of September.