Russia’s Criminal Code for Mobilization and Wartime

The Criminal Code proposed to introduce the concepts of “mobilization” and “wartime”. The relevant provisions are contained in the amendments to the draft law on amendments to the Criminal Code of Russia for the second reading, lawyer Pavel Chikov drew attention.

In Article 63 of the Criminal Code on circumstances aggravating punishment, the concepts of “mobilization or martial law, wartime” may appear (in the current version, it refers to “conditions of armed conflict and hostilities”)

Articles on voluntary surrender (Article 352.1, imprisonment up to 10 years) and looting (Article 356.1, up to 15 years in prison) will appear in the Criminal Code.

In Article 332 of the Criminal Code on non-fulfillment of an order, it is proposed to introduce Part 2.1 on “non-fulfillment by subordinates of a superior’s order given in accordance with the established procedure, during martial law, during wartime or in conditions of armed conflict or warfare, as well as refusal to participate in military or combat operations.” It will face imprisonment for up to three years.