Russian Sub Missing capable of creating Radioactive Tsunami – watch sub video

NATO has reportedly warned members that Russia’s Belgorod submarine no longer appeared to be operating out of its White Sea base, where it has been active since July. Officials warned that Russia may plan to test Belgorod’s “Poseidon” weapons system, a drone equipped with a nuclear bomb that Russia has claimed is capable of creating a “radioactive tsunami,” according to Italian media.

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The whereabouts of a new Russian submarine, the Belgorod, has captured headlines around the world. With a degree of hysteria, there have been reports that it has been deployed with its nuclear ‘apocalypse’ and ‘doomsday’ weapons. Even that it has ‘disappeared’ (submarines do that).

Naval News has been keeping an eye on the topic since before these stories broke. We can offer fresh information about her activities.

Images obtained by Naval News show the submarine operating in the Barents Sea, north of Russia’s Kola Peninsular.

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Watch Russian’s test the sub