Russian Security Services Apprehend Suspected Terrorists

12.10.22 – The FSB has announced that it apprehended terrorists with suspected links to a Chechen separatist organization in the 1990s and 2000s.

The Ichkeria movement is accused of attacking Russian servicemen in February, 2000 in an incident resulting in 86 casualties. (RT)

Watch Video of the Apprehension below:

Also in Russia

Russia Adds Meta to ‘Terrorist and Extremists’ Org List – Interfax report

12.10.22 – Tech giant Meta – parent company of Instagram and Facebook – were added to a list of “terrorist and extremist” organisations Tuesday, according to the database of Russia’s financial monitoring agency.

A Moscow court in June rejected Meta’s appeal after it was found guilty of ‘extremist activity’ in Russia for tolerating “Russophobia” during Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine. (RT_India_official)

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