Russia-fleeing Companies Lose $240 Billion

Russia-fleeing Companies Lose $240 Billion 07.10.22 – According to a report by Moscow’s Center for Strategic Research, foreign companies that have left Russia or restricted their work in the country have lost between $200 billion and $240 billion since February. Of these, $70-90 billion has been lost by those who left completely, and companies from the USA, Great Britain and Germany have the most losses. (RT) At that time, concerns were raised that these corporations’ withdrawal of investments, store closures, and sales pauses in Russia could stunt the country’s economic growth. However, Russia was quite innovative; the businesses continued under entirely new names.  However, Western businesses are now voicing their displeasure as they bear the brunt of the recession that has slammed the West; and why not, a cumulative loss of $300 billion could even make billionaires cry. According to RBC Daily, foreign companies that have halted operations in Russia or pulled out completely have incurred losses of between $200 and $240 billion since the end of February 2022. Read more here: Will the growing number of businesses departing Russia, due to either official government trade restrictions or via voluntary “self-sanctioning,” cause enough pain to end Putin’s war in Ukraine? And at what cost to the Russian economy and the world’s? Read More Here: Share on FacebookTweetFollow usSave