Putin’s WARNING to The Global Elites – Reduce the Population?

Watch Video of President Putin warning the Global Elites he knows their plan to reduce the population and he will stop their evil plans.

I believe and many others believe Putin and Trump and a few other countries are working together to bring down the globalist and their little pedophile rings they got going on to make money, lots of money, BILLIONS in the trafficking of our children. It’s not a conspiracy, stop brushing it off as such.

Imagine our world without these crazy nuts ruling over us. It’s in you’re face, their sick little plans, videos, on their websites, it’s everywhere, yet there are still people that just won’t believe their very eyes and ears, either that or they want to be enslaved and don’t care about the people they reduce, while they inject their poison into their bodies and not believe what we are saying. They want most of us dead, take any and all rights away, no ownership of anything, even you’re right to travel will be gone.


If you still can’t see it, look at Joe/Hunter corruption, look at Soro’s involvment, look at biolabs our media denied then corrected themselves, it goes on and on the corruption in Ukraine, they want to point nukes at Russia from Ukraine and join NATO…

Admittedly every country is, or should be out for themselves, I don’t know if we will ever consider Russia an Ally, I know what they are doing is for the betterment of our country and when that happens we should be allies. But the NWO wants to win so they have the media convince you that Putin is the bad guy. He’s protecting his country, hates the Satanists ruling our country and will wreck it with all the evidence he’s collected and fight them in Ukraine, which was picked by the elite to be their way of money laundering and trafficking children and drugs. All evidence points to Ukraine is corrupt and Putin does not want that corruption pointing at his country.

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