PUTIN – The civilian population “must not suffer” in Ukraine – Multi vids proving Ukraine Killing own citizens

Putin Says Civilians ‘Must Be Removed’ From Kherson As Battle Looms

“Now, of course, those who live in Kherson must be removed from the zone of the most dangerous actions,” Putin said during a walkabout on Red Square where he had been meeting youth volunteers from Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine on Friday.

The civilian population “must not suffer” from shelling and offensive activities related to military action, he added.

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Ukraine has been known to want citizens to be in the line of fire for maximum death at the hands of Russia, even though Russia has warned them again and again to move citizens, or Ukraine will just fire off missiles from populated areas, and they know Russia will fire back. Maximum death at the hands of Russia looks good for Ukraine. I’m including a few videos to prove this fact.

This first video is so telling that is why I put this video first. They lock Citizens in their homes and arm the doors with Grenades so they can’t escape and they die in the war! Maximum effect for Ukraine and the news. IT’S SICK!

Ukrainian army locks civilians in basements and plants grenades if they want to open the door. Ukraine should be condemned by the whole world for such actions. But… Putin’s fault, as always… Even when children in Ukraine are saved by his army.

“What are they doing? Making a human shield! They hid behind old men! Idiots! Damned Ukraine! It makes me so angry!” Mariupol residents who had to hide in the cellar during Ukrainian shelling share their stories. Over 400,000 people in Mariupol had to go underground because they weren’t allowed outside the city by the Ukrainian units.

The film features stories of courage and perseverance people displayed in crisis. For example, a Russian soldier drives under gunfire to distribute humanitarian aid; a volunteer from Texas helps reunite families separated during the evacuation. A courageous OB-GYN helps 25 women give birth during the bombing.

Where did they find the courage, and what awaits them? Find the answers in ‘Donbass: I’m Alive’ documentary.

Ukraine War Front Lines – Western Media Will Not Show: Catacombs, Victim Testimonies w/ John Dougan

Azov deserves the death penalty. But not by a bullet, by hanging. Because they are not soldiers, not warriors,’ says Yashat standing near his destroyed house. He lived near the Azovstal plant with his family. They’ve been hiding in the basement from Azov attacks for over a month. It was not safe to leave shelter even at night. ‘We’d go outside at night. They [Azov] would see us from nine-storey buildings. They’d shoot our legs with bullets so we couldn’t reach the toilet… We lived like dogs.,’ recalls Irina, Yashat’s wife. More witnesses of Azov’s actions in our premiere Azov’s Last Stand.

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