Putin on West’s “Dangerous, Dirty and Deadly Games”

Dominion of the world is precisely what the West has decided to stick in this game, but this game is dangerous, dirty and deadly one…and has no regard whatsoever for the interests of other countries – Putin

QspecialForces Published October 27, 2022986 Views

27.10.22 The unipolar world is coming to an end. The West is incapable of single-handedly ruling the world. The world stands at a historical milestone ahead of the most dangerous and important decade since World War II.

The West’s undivided dominance in world affairs is coming to a close.

Humanity has two options – either we continue accumulating the burden of problems that is certain to crush all of us, or we can work together to find solutions.

I’ve always believed in the power of common sense, that is why I am convinced that sooner or later both the centers of the multipolar world and the West will have to embark upon an equal dialogue about our shared future. – Putin #RT

Liz Truss blurted out about nuclear weapons – and was clearly out of her mind – Putin

Washington could have distanced themselves from her comments, but they remained silent.

Western countries are using nuclear provocations to convince other countries to ‘stand up’ to and refuse to cooperate with Russia. – Putin

Unipolar World Coming to an End