PRESIDENT PUTIN – West is Destabilizing the World.


The West is Destabilizing the World to Maintain Hegemony – President Putin

Vladimir Putin warned that Western elites are trying their best to preserve hegemony during his speech at the Moscow Conference on International Security:

▪️ So-called collective West is deliberately destroying European security system – wants to push NATO bloc eastwards under pretext of strengthening security in Europe
▪️ Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan was a carefully planned provocation – part of strategy to destabilize the region
▪️ US is trying to prolong this conflict in Ukraine and is inciting conflict potential in Asia, Africa and Latin America
▪️ West has implemented anti-Russia project in Ukraine – turning a blind eye to spread of neo-Nazi ideology and massacres of Donbass residents
▪️Decision to conduct special military op was made in full accordance with UN Charter
▪️ Goals of special operation clearly defined – to ensure the security of Russia & our citizens & to protect the inhabitants of Donbass  (RT)
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