Portland has a Drug/Homeless Problem at Epic Proportions & The web App that Tracks Them

In 2020, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize possession of drugs, including hard drugs. Portland district attorney Michael Schmidt gleefully announced that his office would immediately stop prosecuting drug possession even before the law went into effect, saying, “Past punitive drug policies and laws resulted in over-policing of diverse communities, heavy reliance on correctional facilities and a failure to promote public safety and health.” Less than two years later, Oregon is suffering through the predictable results of this experiment: overdoses are skyrocketing, violent crime is rising, and virtually nobody is getting treatment.

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I spent the week in Portland to highlight the under reported issues plaguing the once beautiful city. From bags of human feces littering the streets, to open drug use and miles of homeless encampments, we venture into how Portland is faring 2 years after decriminalizing hard drugs. For more statistics and details on Portland, checkout my article here:…

NIGHTMARE CITY: How Portland’s Decriminalization Of Hard Drugs Destroyed The City

The City of Portland has launched an animated map updated weekly to track homeless camps.

Officials say it shows that while the number of camps have increased, the populations of each camp have gone down.

“Last summer, there was a huge congregation of homeless people on the Springwater Corridor, with 300 or even 400 people. When you get campers in those numbers, there are negative impacts on public health, public safety the environment,” Michael Cox, communications director for Mayor Ted Wheeler said.

The city gets as many as 600 calls a week about the homeless. It’s pointing its efforts at problems like used needles, trash and camp proximity to schools. See map below in real time.

Below is the reason Portland is Screwed. Liberals and their damned policies. When will we wake up and take measures in our own hands,

Oh Just great there’s a problem in Seattle. I’m sorry but the people that say that the people doing this have the right intentions, they just don’t work, has a heart of gold and want’s to think people in general are good, which they are, but not these greedy people that see dollars, where? The drugs, the funding the Great Reset…NWO, You’ll own nothing and be happy. This is what happens when you research, one thing leads to another and another. I don’t see how liberals can’t see this, understand it, connect the dots.

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