Pentagon Hired Contractors In Ukraine

Pentagon-Hired Contractors ‘Everywhere on Battlefield’ in Ukraine – media

Ukrainian forces have “had the American military at their side” from the start of the conflict with Russia, the magazine Causeur cited a “well-placed analyst” in French intelligence as saying. Pentagon-hired contractors are allegedly “everywhere on the battlefield.”

The claim was published by the right-leaning outlet last week in an analysis of the five-month-long Russia-Ukraine conflict, which, it stated, “is not the fight of David against Goliath,” contrary to what many people believe.

The magazine also said that Russia appears to be slowly gaining the upper hand over Ukraine as its superior firepower is prevailing over Kiev’s eight-year preparations for a fight for Donbass.

The heavy damage caused by Russian artillery and aerial forces have led to dissertations and insubordination among the Ukrainian troops, it said.

We’ve been messing around in Ukraine for a very long time, Obama got away with creating a crime syndicate across the globe, that any other president would never get away with, all because we had to protect the first black president, he could do no wrong. Obama progressed the NWO faster than any other president. Obama was able to divide us more than any president too.

Lindsey Graham & John McCain in Ukraine

Meanwhile this is happening in Finland

We’ve got a Nazi problem in every country, but if your military and parades or shopping malls (see video below) is proudly displaying swastika and pride in it, there’s a serious world Nazi problem, they never stopped after the war, they were given immunity across the world and placed in our healthcare, education, politics, government and they were doing across the world since they NEVER LOST THE WAR. That’s for another article at another time.