Pandemic Babies

In Australia Now we have Pandemic Babies ? 5% of babies born with co infection are ending up in ICU with Respiratory Illness, inflammation of Lungs, Heart and Brain….Ask yourself, how can they sit there with a straight face and pretend they don’t know why.

How much you wanna bet, it’s not just in Australia, we just don’t want people to know here. I decided to do a general search, see what they’re allowing to drip slowly out into America. So let’s start with the first find shall we? BTW, at the bottom of this post will be a video from Australia News. (everything posted in Pink will be Blondiepie’s Commentaries.

Columbia researchers found that babies born during the pandemic’s first year scored slightly lower on a developmental screening test of social and motor skills at 6 months—regardless of whether their mothers had COVID during pregnancy—compared to babies born just before the pandemic.

Okay, just by reading this one article, I can tell they’re setting the stage to blame it on Covid, not the vaccines, as you can see by the next quote. I’m sorry, but every yearly flu is covid. Their narrative falls short with that one, but lets continue

“Infants born to mothers who have viral infections during pregnancy have a higher risk of neurodevelopmental deficits, so we thought we would find some changes in the neurodevelopment of babies whose mothers had COVID during pregnancy,” says Dani Dumitriu, MD, PhD, assistant professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and lead investigator of the study.

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Decided to look up NIH, they’ve been telling some truths lately, just look up ivermectin and cancer. They hide it, but it’s all there.

Vaccines have been spuriously linked to sudden infant death syndrome,1 paediatric asthma,2 autism,3 inflammatory bowel disease,4 and permanent brain damage.5 Recently US researchers have suggested that vaccination after 28 days after birth may induce type 1 (autoimmune) diabetes mellitus in susceptible individuals.5 This theory, pounced on earlier this year by the US media, may have led to a lowering of confidence in childhood routine immunisation. In May several institutions (including the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Centres for Disease Control, the World Health Organisation, and the UK’s Department of Health) sponsored a workshop at the US National Institutes for Health to assess the evidence of a possible causal link.

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Study Finds Massive Disparity in Chronic Disease Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children

“These are shocking numbers.” (Vaxed vs Unvaxed)

Allergic Rhinitis – 10.4% vs 0.4%
Other Allergies – 22.2% vs 6.9%
Eczema – 9.5% vs 3.6%
Learning Disability, ADHD, or ASD – 10.5% vs 3.1%
Any Chronic Illness – 44.0% vs 25.0%

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