by Dr. Sam Mugzzi @ EBH Club

For the next 4 weeks, our world is going to change into a higher vibration planet. The Golden Age

Here is what to expect:

The greatest transfer of wealth from the DS thugs to “WE” the people. This wealth will be transferred into the QFS and then dispersed through GESARA/NESARA programs.

The new financial system is a gift from the Space Brothers.

New Elections begin November 3rd, after the July 27th restart of planet earth and the GESARA/NESARA announcement. All government positions were stolen through the Blackrock/Evergrande/Vanguard connection. The DC government is part owners in the Evergrande umbrella. They were not electing officials, they were placing them. Through Dominion voting machines and their Skittle servers and the 5 Eyes, they made sure to put their Satanic approved bloodlines into positions of power. It was all for the child abduction, adrenochrome and human slavery/sex programs. Did you know that Obama signed an EO to enslave us?

End of Taxation! Do you know where our taxes went? It was to support the dark web and money for Bit Coin, BioLabs, Bank Theft, Poisoned Foods, Western Medicine’s killing machine, Bribery money, control over Universities, fund the Tiers of agencies to support and push the Agenda of the Reptilians and Greys. Sunday/Monday looks like the beginning of the Black Swan event where all the house of financial cards comes down for the dark lords.

Supreme Court decisions rectifying bad laws and unconstitutional protocols. Roe vs. Wade was a scam to be able to kill babies lawfully. This was an agenda to feed the non human entities here on earth. By reversing Roe VS. Wade, we are reversing killing innocent lives and installing ethics back into culture. We are now allowed to protect ourselves from rioters. The SC just upheld the second amendment and this is going to put a little fear into the Antifa, BLM and baby killing groups.

Q is pushing the good patriot people of this country front and center, so we can be the law of the land. The SC upheld “just” voting by pushing for voter ID cards. The SC will also dispel climate change and other bogus initiatives that were intended to enslave us further. Lastly, the SC will over turn the elections and declare Trump as the real president. The SC is returning us back into God’s Laws creating a lawful and “just” Republic. This is a World Wide initiative and all great White Hats are cleaning the crap of darkness from our planet. The light of Brahma will return!

Bill Barr coming soon, and John Durhum is building a case against the FBI. He will be the one to take them down and all the other “investigation” agencies. There will only be military when he gets through with his big reveals. US attorney’s ‘apolitical’ reputation on the line as he reviews origins of the Russia investigation | CNN Politics

The arrest of Hillary is coming and Obama will run back to Kenya for protection. Joe will also go down, for he was vastly involved in horrible actions in the Ukraine. Don’t forget Hunter and his laptop.

Disney is also going to go down and their crimes against children is going to make you puke. Epstein was selling children to the elites so they could do what they wanted with them, is also going to be made public.

The rioters will send off the destruction of churches and planned parenthood facilities. Then we will see the nuclear show of the destruction of satanic constructs like dams, homes, museums, castles, Vatican, DC, Buckingham and more.

The Black Swan event is about Financial, Medical, Historical and Science fraud that has been MK into people’s minds. The lies that will be told during the days of truth is going to make a lot of people very ill.

The ECM (electronic counter measure) will unleash a power that wipes out our phones and computers. The birth of a lightning bolt was caught on video | Science News

These are horrible devices and full of radiation. They will be destroyed and we will get new equipment that is in alignment with free energy. Lightening causes the “BOOMS” of all Ba’al alters around the world. ‘Rods of God’ will be activated through SpaceX.

Coordinated efforts cause Airplanes and Trains to go on strikes so no transportation, everyone is meant to stay at home.

Gas prices and rationing will cause travel impossible so plan on very high prices.

Housing bubble will pop since Evergrande owns 80 % of all real-estate. When it goes down, it takes the mortgages and companies with them. Most banks used Evergrande’s backing. White House to issue loans to other DS companies.

Currently teachers and Antifa are rioting in big cities over Abortion rights. Since teachers are involved and they are also part of the Transgender movement…schools are going to close.

They are bad for your kids health. The Republic is going to issue vouchers to chose the school of your liking. If it’s a bad school then they get no credits and shrivel up and go bust. The way it should be.

After NESARA and new Quantum system, then the MedBeds will become available. Lots of frauds claiming to be, but they are not what they say they are, not the real deal! You have to have a faster and cleaner internet speed to run the new medbeds. Only a few have the new Starlink system and that belongs to Space X and the militaries. Everyone else is fibbing. The best we have at this time, is the BioFrequency devices, Red Light Therapy and Tesla’s violet ray wand. Water is very important and the minerals are crucial.

Atlantis is returning and its a 5D planetary system. Is this where we are moving to? Hmmm, don’t know for sure yet. However, God is absolutely flushing out all the Satanist so he can clean the planet of evil. Its happening!

All riots are being monitored and the National Guard, Police and Sheriffs have taken the oath to protect the people. It should be mentioned here, God allowed for 2 years for people to show their true colors. He is choosing the people for his new world. He wanted to see who respects life, their babies, their children, their bodies and want a better way of life.

Who are the ones Homesteading and grounding in for a new reality? God wanted to see what we would do with no rails on. This is also true, those that allowed their kids to be jabbed, are not in favor with God. They did not protect their young ones and therefore, will have a terrible time trying to conceive for many years to come.

Remember, God said he was removing branches from the family tree. These people will return to the 3D fortress to develop their inner selves. They are not ready to live in a rails off environment. They still need teachers telling them what to do or not do. No judgement, just the truth.

During the 120 days between July 27 and November 3rd, you will witness the transitioning into the new world. Q is not playing, nor are the White Hats. They are pretty disgusted at how STUPID people have become and allowed themselves to be fat, lazy, and non caring about life in general. Q says, “Being idle is Satan’s playground”. Therefore, we are all going to need to roll up our sleeves and help Q and friends create the new world. Its going to take education, and training to learn how to best serve our communities.

4th of July, this is a time for celebration and booms!
Arrest and destruction of the old world is happening in July.

Russia is taking down London Bridge with a missile called Poison.

N. Korea and Nuke strike and Iran too. It’s Defcon and Red October time.

August is the launch of new structures and establishments.

September is the launch of the new financial system.

October, building planning, redesigning and learning, learning, learning.

Don’t think for one minute the Sheep won’t be allowed to panic over what is crawling through their veins.

March 6, 2023 is the new inauguration.

This will more than likely be for JFK Jr.

Trump is already King over in the UK.

Patrick Kennedy is King of Russia.

The 7 Kingdoms of the Brahma era is being re-instated.

Geological boundaries being redesigned to represent the old world before the DS invaded our planet. Kind of weird how during the Brahma era that Ganesh was popular and now we have George, hmmmmm?

During these next 2 months…you will witness prices soar.

Then in about September (ish) (when we move to the QFS) prices will come down to the 1955 standard.

The DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) had enough food stored up to feed the world for 50 years. Its the good stuff and that is to return to the surface. Russia is setting the Gold standard to the Rubble and BRICS Alliance (Brazil / Russia / India / China / South Africa and new others) is the new IMF or International Banking Services.

The 3 days of chaos, I believe we are in now.

Sunday/Monday is the Black Swan series of events that takes down the whole tower of babble.

This is biblical because we are in a spiritual war.
God is about to reveal himself so hold on tight.

Got popcorn, you might need another bucket for these chain events. I don’t know what is more exciting, the events or the finish of this movie? Then their is the faces on the mask wearers and the enlightened truth that they are dumb as rocks and now the world knows it! Ha! There is justice. George is always telling me, “the excuses they come up with is plentiful, so many excuses!”.

The EBS will allow the military to take over the airways. This is when the TV, Radio, Internet all goes under the control of the White Hats.

For 10 days the sheep will not be allowed to leave their homes and forced to watch what has been happening around the world.

Documentaries, Nuremberg trials and confessions have all been recorded so the Sheep can see and hear for themselves. Not all will be able to handle the FACT that they themselves partook in beating up the truthers and accepted Satan.

Ugh, Catholics beware. How many STUPIDOS said, “I leave it in God’s hands”, or “Jesus died for me”, or “It’s up to Christ to save me”; frickin’ go back to 3 grade. This is not the mindset that God is looking for, he wants adults! People who can sit around the campfire and have a lovely chat. Who wants this needy, clingy, whiney babble…ugh! Did I mention the unsealing of all the indictments?

Then the galactic reboot everything to do with our world; people’s beliefs, infrastructure, education, money, economy, business, politics, law, health and healing, child rearing, food, farming, families and so much more. Its a freakin’ REBOOT into Atlantis. Everyone can go but not everyone will stay.

Jobs will be gone and the UBI (Universal Basic Income) provides training, reschooling so we can and will create passionate loving careers.

The world moves from the Satan’s DIS-EASE world to God’s AT-EASE loving Universe. Its all about the 432hz love thing.

Then the wall of 432hz goes into affect and the sound waves will help to heal, keep us safe and polish off the ghosts.


The Deep State Cabal Jesuits/Kazarian Mafia/Rockefellers/Rothchild’s/Dutch Royal family/BlackRock/Vanguard, Etc are the forces behind:

The Pandemic
World Wars
Human Trafficking
Weapons Trade
Bioweapons / BioLabs in:

Ukraine Nicaragua, Australia Congo, Nigeria, India, Kenya, Ghana, Haiti, Ethiopia, Georgia, China and more.

The Growth of the Cabal after Israel/Egypt Kazarian Mafia Dominance (DS) begins it’s world domination from the old country, Europe and Italy. The Roman empire the Vatican, who created the first Centralized banking system through ‘The Knights Templar’ (a Catholic Military) the most wealthiest of the Christian orders who like today’s CIA created wars in many countries for control of resources and installing regimes faithful to the Jesuit/Kazarian Monarchy.

The only way to defeat the Cabal is to destroy their Regimen in Europe. Collapse the oil and gas industries. Putin knows exactly what he is doing and he is doing it for the world and our salvation. Cutting off the gas/oil, the DS in EU have been dependent on the oil for many reasons that is connected to share holders through Vanguard/Blackrock and State Street.

Hundreds of Billions is traded through the resources of oil, gas and petroleum products daily that is connected to shipping supply chains and production in all industries through the European Union.

The boycott of the Central banking system backed by the USD (in debt nearing 250 trillion dollars) is happening through the world and a systematical collapse of the European Union is happening.

Russians and others have cut off gas to the EU because nobody wants to accept their ‘nothing backed’ fiat money as payment.

Italy and Slovakia reported receiving less than half of the usual volumes of gas from Russia. France has had no gas since June 15th. Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands have already had their Russian gas deliveries suspended. Germany is also facing a cut off soon.

The Europeans cannot find gas elsewhere. Algeria for example, has also cut off half the gas supply it sends to Europe via pipelines.

The fake Biden regime promised Europeans they would replace Russian gas but their main gas export terminal has been blown up and will not resume full operations before the years end.

The squeeze is also being put on oil. The Europeans have been stealing oil from Libya ever since the murder of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. This has been cut off.

In addition…Ukraine’s largest oil refinery has been destroyed, cutting off another major source of European oil.

THIS IS AN UPDATE – IT’S OBVIOUS THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE JULY 4TH! This whole post was written before July 4th. TODAY IS AUGUST 26th, I am posting headlines as you read this, everything they laid out is happening

Now back to reading previously written in July post.

Q. – How do you expose the Old Guard Cabal?

They control NATO, UN and the world agenda that created the pandemic and almost everything through the world connected to Jesuits Davos/Vatican Kazarian Mafia Rothschilds ect Organizations?

A. – You collapse their deep state financial monopolized institutions that use oil, gas, petroleum as their base for trillions in investments in all the industries they run and have high jacked.

Inside Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street, there is much panic and investors are turning on the Rothschilds and Elites.


No matter how hard you try to avoid reality it eventually catches up to you. This is the lesson the privately owned Western central banks are now learning as their fiat money hallucination crashes into the real world. The across the board collapse in financial markets seen recently is no ordinary market move. It is a systems collapse.

The Dow Jones industrial average has been down 11 out of the past 12 weeks. (something that has never happened before) The closest was in the great crash of 1929 when it fell 10 out of 11 weeks.

Normally when stocks fall, bonds rise as people rush to “safety” with their asset funding. However, the US Treasuries are having their biggest collapse since Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard in the early 1970’s.

Crypto-currency markets for their part are down two-thirds from their peak and have evaporated 2 trillion in imaginary money.

The sources note the fall in crypto has been much faster than the rest of the market because “Bitcoin” and its close associates are being destroyed so that the Fed and its KM Central Bank allies can create their own digital currency. We always knew that the KM cabal had a back door into Bitcoin and are ultimately controlling it. (Russia owns it and snuck it in through Epstein) Then the Pentagon got it and gave to the rest of the DS.

Another interruption, headlines from today August 26th

The “they” of course is the small inbred Satan worshiping family group that owns the Western Central Banks and 90% of transnational corporations. They disguise this control through foundations and funds. However we can confirm that Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street and bankers control 40% of US stocks.

If you look at who owns them, you will find the usual Rockefeller/Rothschild ect suspects. They in turn are now slaves to an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) system that controls 70% of all stock trades. This group is now in the process of trying to buy all houses and real estate as well.

Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us) they are now learning the ancient Shinto tale of the black dragon. According to the tale, if you invoke the black dragon you will be able to see weaknesses in others and exploit them for your own benefit.

Eventually you will accumulate great wealth and power. However it has a fatal flaw, because once you have this power, you will have no friends and be doomed as a result.

This tiny group of people used their money to buy politicians, doctors, freemasons, judges, generals ect and thought they were beyond any form of justice or punishment.

Now though, what has happened is that they have accumulated so much wealth and power that the vast majority of people will not be affected when their financial hallucination ends. In other words, the collapse of the markets will mainly affect the .01% who own them.

As their financial control grid implodes their own people are in revolt while an international alliance closes in on them. A video of (Kazarian Mafia, would be puppet leader) Juan Guaido being attacked in Venezuela shows what awaits all KM fake politicians.

@ The Storm Rider


7/8 Trump has a Rally in Las Vegas, NV. suppose to have big news.

7/9 Trump has a Rally in Alaska, suppose to have big news.

7/10 Nicola Tesla Birthday, could be free energy today?

7/11 Genesis 7.11; Greatest Flood in History (Could be the Rods of God against the Dams?) Second installment of the Voyager crash, financial market and could be Stock market. The Great Flood of information starts now. Look for EBS to go off. Gas Prices to rise drastically. Voyager Digital suspends all trading, deposits and withdrawals.

7/17 Daniel 7.17 16 JFK JR. “CRASH” – THE WHOLE CABAL GOES BOOM!

These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth.

Here is what is coming:

China Tuesday-Thursday is upon us. This is where the 3 Gorges Dam in China are to get rocked from ‘the Rods of God’.

Then the other 34 Satanic Alters will be destroyed around the planet. (like the Georgia Guide Stones)

SCOTUS decisions are returning us back to God’s Country!

All the decisions are removing the Nazi empire and returning the power to a few who shall represent the American Republic.

Everyone in between them and “We The People” are being arrested and destroyed.

Then God brings back the 7 Kings of old.

The old Ottomon Empire of Brahma.

Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years. This will set in stone that everyone she worked with are also criminals in her black book and crimes.

This is what you call PRECEDENCE!

In a court of law, if one is convicted of a crime, then they are all true to that crime.

Some of the big and enormous names to be included in this drain starts with Biden. Hunter’s laptop shows the cancelled checks from his dad’s money to pay for Russian prostitutes and whores. Gross things that we don’t really want to see are also included.

This will also take down the Clinton’s, Obama, Big Man Michelle, Disney, Bushes, Royals, Hollywood, Prime Ministers, Budha, Vatican and so on. You get the picture. This is why the “Plan” had to save them for last.

Its HUGE! It had to be this way so we learned of all their crimes first and individually. Now you see the whole big picture and how the pieces fit together which created the Babble Empire of Evil.

Bravo on you for researching this stuff in parts and giving your mind time to wrap around the severity of these crimes.

Many Deep State Kazarian puppets have been controlled throughout the years.

Here are a few such persons of significance:

Einstein, Steven Hawkins, Bell, Bill Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO and so on. They lied and played a part in our MK Ultra mind games.

Tesla will come back and teach the truth with real science, physics and math.

All will be corrected and then we will fly. This will lead us to find more truths about our Universal Realms and God.

NSA is set to release a whole lot of truths and that will set the people of Terra free. The flood of information is about to hit and many Sheep will be mortified how they swallowed the Satan candy. Its going to be Biblical! When the White Hats launch Project Odin, it will replace the CIA satellites. When that occurs, then the clones and robots will stop functioning.

Watch the car accidents. This is why gas prices will go through the roof. The White Hats want you to stay home. No one flies, no one rides on trains, truckers stopped, ports closed because once the Robots are shut off, then they go boom. No one needs to get hurt so stay home. That is why the military will be in places to handle this type of destruction. Many videos have been put out about this phenomenon which is about to occur, so if you want to YouTube it.

The new EBS system will also take over TV, Radio, Aerospace, Airlines, Hospital computers and equipment, NSA, Kiosks (like Time Square) phone systems and anywhere else you see computers.

All of it will go down which was under the CIA control system and then SpaceX command is launched with Starlink Satellites and Project Odin.

This now becomes our new matrix Golden Age reality. This is a World Wide event of change and Cars, ATM machines and etc all will be shut down for 10 days. (so everyone is home watching the “NEW” White Hat news system)

Currently, you are witnessing the destruction of the SWIFT global electronic transfer money system. This includes default of payments. The whole globe was under extortion by the Reptilians and Greys. They forced countries to pay them, accept fiat money and provide services for free. The oil was given to DS countries for free from countries like Saudi Arabia, Africa, Russia and the United States. Gadhafi was murdered so they could steal his oil and gold. They also destroyed his Utopia.

As we all begin to learn how corrupt the world was, we are also to learn the why, how, when and the who’s that did it. This goes to the tip top and they are not humans. That is how they were able to corrupt the whole world and their systems. They created systems so they could corrupt them! They created religion so you didn’t follow God and dismissed that little voice within.

Anything, like being intuitive, was demonized. In actuality, they were the demons creating the Satanic infrastructures and did everything they could to get you to forget who you are and why you are here. It was part of the plan. You had to go within to find the answers.

It doesn’t do you any good to get mad. Let’s just pick up the pieces and make things right. We are better for it and let’s let God and his army deal with the clean-up. They are better at it anyway. They have bigger guns and are trained professionals. God doesn’t send his best soldiers into paradise. He sent them here!

The WW3 event will surely awaken the El Stupidos. I must say, everyone is so sick and tired of the consciously ignorant. Seriously, people like Tesla, John Trump, JFK, Jr. and so many others have been trying to awaken the masses for centuries. Even Q was working to awaken folks and they ignored all warnings and signs. Therefore, when you see someone say “El Stupidos”, it’s because we are tired of their dumb-ass attitudes and egos. Now the sirens are going to blare and shake them to their core. Great, the sooner they are waken, the faster we can jump into our new world timeline.

Let’s do it Q! Put the peddle to the metal. The Queens Birthday, is on July 1st, and that is 71 days from some coded event? We will see later I suppose. The Queen and Pope should go down around the same time period.

You see the master minds preparing people for it now so we don’t have a 911 type of event. Instead, people will just go with the flow. Well, until the Nuke alarms go off. Then things will get fun. Fourth of July is about our Freedom.

What sets us free?

The Quantum Internet, Quantum Financial, Free Energy, 6000 cures, MedBeds, Replicators, 1955 prices, better quality foods, less government, equal treatment to everyone, prosperity, Pi/Q Phone, better schools, free education, less threat to our livelihood and existence, flying cars, automatic truck drivers, speed rails, automatic taxi services, cleaner environment, living nicely with nature, homesteading and not living without, working a career you love and all the systems and structures to support it.

Everyone will get their Golden Age.

No matter which dimension you are on…you get a Golden Age.

Look for the Fourth to also bring in the XRP! The SEC is now going after Trump’s Truth Social and the company that works behind the scenes. This will not work out well for the SEC. There will be regulations and a cleaned house so the White Hats can bring in the new financial system. QFS blockchain.

The operations are called:

Black Swan – Stock market/Financial crash of Humpty Dumpty 11.5

Poseidon – China’s next then the Russian missile that takes out the London Bridge

Red October – Nuclear War Scenario that brings the whole Reptilian Matrix down and also SpaceX activate the Rods of God.

Here is where the 34 Satanic alters go boom!

Kill Net activated: Massive Cyber attacks have started and over 1000 websites have crashed in Lithuania. Multiple government sites and portals down. Mobile services frozen. Several private investment firms hit bottom.


As we move into the “Storm” this is when food shortages will be happening. The hospitals will be transitioned into military centers and there will be military on the streets.

We are moving into Global Marshall Law.

The unsealing of all the rest of the indictments happens during this time. Watch for the green armor trucks. Looks like they are transporting criminals. Housing markets will crash, banks crashing, ATMs frozen, stores locking their doors and total lockdown of planet earth. This is for 10 plus days as the dark world is erased from the old matrix, and the Golden one is plugged in.

Then, once the dust settles, the celebrations come out. The Fourth of July brings fireworks. Remember, George told us years ago, the Fourth would be a magnanimous day. He said it would be a celebration like no other and truly a FREEDOM DAY!

July 10th is Nikola Tesla’s Birthday.

We should see his Free Energy on this day being introduced to the people. July 11th is the historic Flood (7-11) which is the flooding of the dams and then the new world appears.

Lots going to happen in July so buckle up, and shift into flexible mode. Life needs to change so swing with it. Keep your kids close and watch over them. Help them enjoy our freedom as the cleansing occurs. No one has to suffer. Fur babies too and don’t forget the ones outside. They need our attention too. Peace is finally ours!

Black Swan!

The Lost Gospel of Q – The Sayings of Jesus

Europe Union Will be the first to Fall!!!!!

This is huge!!!

A. This latest Supreme Court ruling will allow the demise of the power the EPA. In a landmark case, West Virginia vs. EPA, it was decided that these congress created establishments are not part of the Republic.

This will soon end the FBI, CIA, ATF, DEA, IRS, NIH, CDC, FDA, School Boards and more! This cornerstone case is now set up to take the whole corrupt government down. The power is being returned back to the people and government will be curtailed to 10%. That means, all Executive Order DS POTUS created agencies that were unconstitutional, can now be demolished! All three letter agencies, blown up! All, All, All and the States that don’t follow suit, well, it will be a fast trip to GITMO.

Now the States will step up and take this landmark case West Virginia vs. EPA and eliminate all installed organizations and branches of DC government corporations. This can also include Cities since they are also incorporated by Executive Orders!

This case threatens the federal government’s ability to write and enforce any regulations that was created by EO. This action will also cause a domino effect because we no longer need Congress.

The States will step into their position making it prioritize “WE” the people.

WE are discussing the legitimate authority of any government agency created through an Executive Order. Powers not delegated to these agencies through the people’s vote is now seen as unlawful! No more top down regulations. It’s the Republic first in rule of the land and it puts God back on top of the pyramid of control. All the agencies have now lost their enforcement ability and effectively nullified. This is HUGE for a step closer to FREEDOM and the protection of our general well being and welfare.

What you are seeing is the creation of our Republic!

Other countries will follow suit as America is rebuilt and created for a Golden Age.

I must warn you it looks like the White Hats are going to allow the DS to throw their last card. This is to crash the monetary system. Those in the blockchain and part of the 20022 QFS system should be safe. Everything else is debatable. In other countries banks are closing with the people money still in it. Banks are broke and only a few will be able to debit their money freely. The rest will lose it all. It’s already happening.

How do you awaken the sheep? You take their money away!

B. COMEX RULE: It is the Bible 1 to 15 ratio in Rubles. The 15 Silvers equal 1 ruble of Gold, that is the new standard.

Silver is set to jump to 111.00 dollars, Gold is set to rise to 311.00 and this is part of Mr. Pool’s Red Wave! Comex 589 Rule is the regulation for Silver. Silver, XLM will go before XRP. The Biblical Gold and Silver Ratios will be installed and the SWIFT Bankers can’t manipulate the price anymore. Silver and Copper are heavily under priced. Junk silver is just as valuable as the shinny rounds.

C. POTUS is protected and safe. There will be some fear mongers trying to spread dis-info about him being targeted and such. However he is away and under protection.

During the NWO “pretend” take over; POTUS will not come on the stage. The White Hats will stand down so the Sheeple can see. After the NWO takes over the banks, shopping food stores and causes a nuclear war (watch NATO), then the military will be ushered in with the sound of the blaring horns: EBS will be activated!

This is how regulation for Basil III takes place as well.

F. AFRICA just got trillions of dollars in gold. The even playing field just injected Africa with the wealth they deserve. They “found” a gold mine worth gazillions and this will be enough to pay back for the RV bonds. This has to go through the BLOCK-CHAIN!!!! There is no meeting with someone that can kill you and steal your wealth. It’s all done in private at home on your computer. You will have a way to access the bonds from Zimbabwe and this will probably be through Bianance. They will be the international stock exchange. They will use XRP to send you funds and then you convert them to XLM. From their you will use a Lobstr account to convert your funds into Tokens that are then invested into companies you like. For instance we like BANKS! The new Banks like DZ Bank in Germany. This one is going to be huge but there is also CBTX from China, also huge and backed by John MacAfee some how. Great investment opportunities coming up once we get our bond XRP.

I repeat, the likelihood you will go to a bank and sit down with someone is extremely thin. It’s not safe and unless it’s the military controlled operation (they created the blockchain) in charge! When the EBS sounds off the National Guard moves out.

They will take over all the DS businesses like banks, hospitals, food stores, fast food places and gas stations. Expect gas prices to double in the next 30 days.

G. EMP (electro magnetic pulse) can kill all nanite and the mark of the Beast chip! It is an electrical thing and watch for Thor’s Thunder.

H. General Raising Caine that POTUS spoke about is non other than JFK Jr. Cities were designed as circuit boards and were created for specific paradigm experiences.

J. Supreme Court Decision announcement soon to Reinstate Trump. This will free up Biden so he can be formally arrested. The Democrat society will be demolished and their crimes revealed to the world. Then the Republicans come down because they were also involved. The whole US DC Illuminati criminal enterprise will finally be defunct and never to return. Then the Rods of God will further take it down. This will also lead into the practice of Treason and voter fraud that happened in all states. The whole net of DS puppets will be arrested during the National Guard operation. They will also be working with the Police and Sheriffs to conduct this huge enterprise of unsealing indictments and arrests. This includes the Secret Societies and all their off shoot clubs.

K. The two most recent decisions have a much wider impact than what you realize. When the Supreme Court makes a decision, it is usually using the small agenda which eliminates the big agendas as well. A great example is Ghislaine Maxwell. She got 20 years so she got a “CRIMINAL” verdict. Everyone else will too and that means anyone in her black book. This will take down all the top officials, Kings, Princes, Queens, and so forth. All of them who went to the Island of Hell will get terminated.

L. Another great decision is about the Indianans. The people who took the Indian children and committed crimes on sovereign land, used to get away with these crimes because the laws were not part of the US Constitutional Law. There was no protection. Clarence Thomas just reversed this and gave protection back to the Indians and anyone that committed crimes on their soil can now be persecuted under America’s Republic.

M. Israel is last because it is the final card to take the whole evil empire down. It will never return because they are all being destroyed along with the spider webs they created. Humpty Dumpty goes boom and you will never glue his keister back together again. NEVER!

Netanyahu requests court postpone opening of trial – It looks like the Israel is taking their 120 days and then in November will hold elections. They must be under the GESARA and Marshall Law rule now. Look for Netanyahu to be arrested next for he was the one that took down 911 and attacked the USA.

He used Mossad agents and the Queen Lizzy signed of on it.

Iran is not the bad guys and they are one with the US and Russia. They will work with us to help destroy the DS.

Hitler was a Rothschild, and Obama was his Grandson. Therefore when Israel goes down, so does Obama and his connections. This will take down the Jews, Mossad, ISIS, Zionist, Khazarians, Illuminati, Cabal, Nazi, and Secret Societies that work for them. When Balfour came down so did the Rothschild’s control over this country. Saudi Arabia also played a role in the demise of America and this was through the CIA and the Queen owns both.

The Jews stopped the 9/11 NESARA that was suppose to be released.

The Pentagon stole the money that was intended for the people.

There was suppose to be a reset at that time but due to the hive of Satanist they decided to steal our future. That is what 9/11 was about.

The Pentagon stole the money 24 hours prior to the planes hologram hitting the buildings. This set off the bombs that were installed by the ISIS Mossad art students who had placed them within the building.

The money was stolen by the Bush family and they moved it out through California in shipping containers at Huntington Beach.

Then the money was circled back to the Vatican where they hid the gold in a massive underground tunnel system that was ancient. Once the gold was stolen, then the Rothschild’s and Israel had the funding to control the world!

The Event should be 3 days, this is the WW3 sirens and EBS.

10 Days of shutdown – this is the time to learn and the EBS takes over the TV, Radio and internet.

The Plan to Save the World

The Empire of the Three-City-States