Operation Ukraine: NAZI Crimes without Punishment / 2022

I’ve also included some children being trained as Nazis in Ukraine, and some bio lab information that was left on NATO laptops when Russia first invaded Ukraine.

Operation Ukraine:

Kiev has carried out numerous war crimes against civilians in Donbass. The Western media has kept silent or put blame on Russia. In the documentary, investigative journalists trace back major attacks on Donbass civilian residents perpetrated by the Kiev authorities.

The film also shows how nationalist battalions became part of the Ukrainian Army and why the Western media turn a blind eye to Kiev’s war crimes.

Operation Ukraine: NAZI Crimes without Punishment / 2022

Also watch What Terror Ukraine Inflicts on Donbass Population for 8 years?

You want to know, no, SEE, what terror Ukraine inflicts on Donbass population for 8 years?

Then watch this video. It is without text, respectively only at the beginning the boy says he would pray for peace.


Shopping Mall in Kyiv Ukraine

So if there are Nazi child training camps, it makes sense they have parents that would send them to Nazi Training Camps in Ukraine. Lets Take a look…

Apparently there is a Nazi problem in Finland.

You see they took the damned Nazis from Hitler and spread them in every corner of the earth.

Bio-Lab evidence from Ukraine

Blow up the picture, this is a NATO laptop/square on the left near keyboard is the NATO sticker.