NOW – Iranian MPs chant “Death to America” in parliament.

Once again we are here, Iran screaming “Death to America” and we have Biden wanting to continue with Obama’s agenda of allowing them to have uranium. Answer honestly, do you trust that they don’t have D.U.M.B.S (deep underground military bases) they can hide building a nuke? Do you even trust the fact that they might just want them to have a nuke? At this point isn’t it obvious they want to bring America down? Isn’t obvious they want our country? Isn’t it obvious they want to disarm us, take away our rights, our constitution and enslave us? Go and look at Agenda 21 Map for America, I believe they may have an updated Agenda 2030 map, pesky Trump stopped Agenda 21, we would be in it right now if Trump didn’t become president. Own nothing and be happy, is what that map is basically showing you, it’s been on UNITED NATIONS website right in your face if you bother to search, they don’t make it easy to find anymore on their sites, but they don’t delete them they just make it hard to find.

When will you all wake up?

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