New World Order Disorder Part 1 & 2

These video’s are long. I’m just going to say, I like reading my content more than watching videos, especially long ones, so when you see that I have posted videos, and long ones at that, know that the content in the videos are well worth watching, just know you have to set time out to watch them. Right now I’m still listening to them while I type this. I’m going to start adding my own comments to my posts, it’s time I did. That being said…….

Liberals, need to watch these videos the most, they must start actually reading reports published, such as the Pfizer Reports, go to NIH and find out about Ivermectin and how it cures many diseases and even some cancer, while the news said “Ivermectin WILL KILL YOU” that line was repeated many times by mainstream media. It’s as easy as going to NIH and put in a search Ivermectin, also Ivermectin cures cancer, search it at the very places you believe in, CDC publishes this information NIH publishes this information, all while their front pages tell you the vaccines are safe. That’s how they get away with harming you. You don’t read, now people are dropping dead and you’re still not willing to let go of what they’re doing to you.

If you took the vaccines and think you’re fine, you’re not getting the fact that you will most likely be sick and have to be on blood thinners and other meds, maybe even AIDS medication (Click Link for more VACCINE AND AIDS ). Big Pharma is getting richer and richer, and now even if they stop the vaccines tomorrow, they will make money on all the medical problems you will be having for the rest of your life.

I just gotta say, as I watch crazy videos of conservatives being screamed at at universities and community colleges just for talking and asking questions, a group mob, becoming more and more dangerous as the conservative speaks, throwing things at her, getting up in her face, maybe we should just let them go, let them take every single vaccine and just shut up. Oh come on it’s not like every single unvaxxed hasn’t thought the same thing.

There’s a few problems with that though. The problem with it, is it doesn’t make us much better than them, that’s one, wishing a whole lot of people dead is bad, really bad, and to be honest, it’s partially not their fault, they were told this false narrative over and over again, our education system has failed them by not teaching critical thinking, not questioning and just follow the narrative. It’s quite sad to watch a whole generation slip into unconsciousness. We’ve got to feel sorry for them, reeducate them, try harder to get through to them. That is why I do this website. I’ve been accused of making money on AdSense, Adsense!. My hosting cost more than I could make in Adsense, paying for Domain names…Liberals have no idea, how many people are trying to get through to them, even at the cost of their jobs, their families, yes even money and time? Yet they fight every step of the way, even with people dropping dead, young and old, vaccines are killing you, one way or the other, fast or slow, and the manufactures, make more and more money off of you’re ignorance and declining health.

And On with the show, seriously long videos, think of them as a documentary you really wanted to watch, liberals, you can think of this as performance art if it makes you feel any better, but WAKE UP! Time to sue the shit out of the MEDIA AND THE EDUCATION SYSTEM for what they have done to you.