New Chip Transmits Entire Internet’s Traffic In Less Than A Second

New Chip Transmits Entire Internet’s Traffic In Less Than A Second

Hard drives everywhere cried out in pain as scientists announced a breakthrough in network speed. The gigaboffins over at the Technical University of Denmark (which is, technically, a university in Denmark) have used a new kind of ‘photonic chip’ to transmit data at a whopping 1.84 petabits per second, a record for a single chip, and nearly double the bandwidth of the entire internet. All this through just a tiny fiber optic cable.

Unlike other fiber optic transmission methods, this new chip splits the datastream into multiple colors, 37 to be exact, which themselves are then split again into 223 different frequencies of light. By carefully selecting the frequencies, the scientists were able to broadcast multiple chunks of data in parallel, achieving ludicrous speeds. The speed is so great that not even Hunter Biden’s laptop itself can handle the amount of data this chip can transmit. (RT)

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