Nazis of Ukraine

How a WSJ reporter publishes a photo

How the photo was originally posted (by a famous Ukrainian influencer…anything for the likes)

how NAZIS and bastards treats their „enemy“

How a Ukrainian childhood looked like in the Donbass from 2014 to 2020

how brave Heroes behave.

NAZI WAR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – ‘Ukraine has bombed us day and night’

Ukraine has bombed us day and night’ – Kherson locals

Ukrainian forces have targeted a civilian river crossing in the city of Kherson for a second day in a row, local authorities say.

While the area remains too dangerous to stay, and residents are relocating to safety, RT’s Igor Zhdanov visits one of the places welcoming those in need.#RT

Would you take your children to this mall? Would you even Shop at this Mall?

Video of young man going to war for Ukraine…Listen to what he says.

Do you think Russia should just let this continue? Do you understand they are starting these kids out young to hate Russians. By now I bet most of the people there have Russian blood in them, I don’t understand this hatred…Of course they are Born and Bred Nazis…