Nationalists blew up a reinforced concrete road bridge

Footage of road bridge construction that connects liberated settlements across Seversky Donets River in Lugansk People’s Republic. The construction of the bridge was carried out by a logistics unit of the Central Military District troops.

▫️During the retreat, nationalists blew up a reinforced concrete road bridge across Seversky Donets River. Russian servicemen of the Central Military District promptly erected a temporary pontoon-bridge crossing. The work to erect the bridge was complicated by continuous artillery fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but the task set for the Russian servicemen was completed on time.

The Donets, the fourth-longest river in Ukraine and longest in eastern Ukraine, had long been considered to be a strategic line of defense for the Ukrainian army during the Russo-Ukrainian War. Being the longest river in the region, control of the Donets also meant an ability to freely maneuver military hardware north and south along the river’s path, impact regional agriculture, and control the water supply to key cities such as Sievierodonetsk, Lysychansk, Kharkiv, and others.