Moms, Dads, Grandparents Listen to this Carefully

I looked around to see what is posted about social media and children. The Truth is I found Drivel like this:

No mention of what it does to the minds of Growing children.

Teens’ use of social media is significantly shaped by race and class, geography and cultural background.” — danah boyd

Internet researcher danah boyd responded to the article with “An Old Fogey’s Analysis of a Teenager’s View on Social Media,” cautioning that “What [the author is] sharing is not indicative of all teens. More significantly, what he’s sharing reinforces existing biases in the tech industry and journalism that worry me tremendously.” As boyd pointed out, the author is a 19-year-old white male, attending the University of Texas, Austin. “Let me put this bluntly,” she wrote, “teens’ use of social media is significantly shaped by race and class, geography and cultural background.”

Not surprisingly, boyd’s arguments are echoed in the latest Pew Research Center report on teens and social media, which highlights (among other things) “a distinct pattern in social media use by socio-economic status.”

Across demographics – race, ethnicity, class, gender – the report makes clear that teens are online a lot: 92% of teens say they go online daily. 24% of teens report they’re online “almost constantly.”

Much of this is due to the ubiquity of mobile phones. Based on Pew’s survey (a nationally representative sample of 1,060 teens ages 13 to 17), 88% of American teens have (or have access to) a mobile phone of some kind; and the majority of teens (73%) have smartphones. That’s up from 78% teens who reported having mobile phones in the previous Pew survey of teens and technology in 2013. Then, just 47% had smartphones.

85% of African-American teens have a smartphone, compared with 71% of white and Latino teens. (12% of teens say they have no access to a mobile phone of any kind.) But African-American and Latino teens are less likely to have access to other mobile computing devices. According to the survey,


But the TRUTH is social media is literally ruining their social skills, many children shut themselves off from others, into another world on social media, some are bullied and some seeking acceptance from others and being swayed to be something their not. Online predators is another problem. Parents, it’s time to talk to other parents, force your children to go outside if you’re in a safe enough neighborhood to play! (Let them play cowboy’s and indians)! Let them be children!

Talk to your children, guide them, know what they’re looking at while on the computer. Give them a phone that blocks all social media only for contacting them when needed.

If you’re a parent always on your phone or computer, stop, show an example, take your children to the museum, out to a the park, have some play dates with some of the children in the neighborhood, put together a puzzle, play a card game, when I was a kid I loved the game Clue.

We are allowing our children to much time on the internet, the damage is showing. Oh and lets fix our education system! We allow too many FREAKS as teachers, even in daycare centers and preschool. These teachers that come to school and talk about their personal life with children are using our children as their personal therapist, and they’re required to accept the teacher, exactly what they’re seeking acceptance and they’re getting it from your children. Teachers are there to teach, not talk about their personal life or other’s in the classroom’s personal life. We must fix this for our children.

As they age they don’t need you as much on the outside, but on the inside they still need you, they need you to set an example, they need your time.

Watch Video below – He’s telling you the Truth

TIK TOK is not the only social media app that has hijacked your IP system and every device connected to that system. Including bank numbers and every data in your computers.. FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM WHATSAPP all have the same capacity and spying, full data mining systems as TIK TOK. …. this story will erupt till 2023 when Republicans WILL go AFTER SECTION 230 that protects the deep state internet and COLLUSIONs with big tech