Martha’s Vineyard says the Illegals MUST GO!

Imagine complaining about this, it’s all okay for Red states, or already stressed cities and states, but once you move them where they might be a little better off due to YOU’RE better off, is HYPOCRISY!

Liberals are like this, they don’t care until it effects them, when they ignore or shame us into accepting something they won’t it’s HYPOCRISY!

They’re actually calling DeSantis cruel and inhumane for moving them to another state, when they themselves moved them to Florida. There truly is something wrong with liberals, now they’re getting a taste of their own medicine, although they don’t like it they’ll still continue to shame people that don’t like it. It’s lunacy .

Listen to Lisa Belcastro, the director of the Harbor Homes shelter whine below about only 50 immigrants 50, imagine having thousands a day cross into your state.

Wake up you idiot liberals, or it will EFFECT YOU!

President Obama Has Canceled His 60th Birthday Bash at His Martha’s Vineyard Mansion

Inside the $11.75 million estate, where the Obamas would have hosted hundreds of A-list dignitaries and celebrities this weekend.

Looks like they have PLENTY OF ROOM FOR 50 IMMIGRANTS Obama has plenty of room and also money to sustain 50 immigrants. Look at it, they can stay in tents if he doesn’t want them in the house. But he is just as responsible, he lead the charge in this and we all know he is using Biden as his personal puppet.

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